Splushi Recap

November 5, 2008

Much to my chagrin, this episode will forever be dubbed as ‘The Day They Ate Pee.' Hit the jump for a full recap and exclusive video at the end!

Tom Lawlor apparently requests a tray of fresh fruit everyday, and everyday it gets ransacked by the Red Team.

After a few of days of this, Tom decides he's had enough and he's going to take matters into his own hands. He decides he's going to pee in his own fruit tray and que sera, sera. It's actually kind of a sound reasoning, but seriously, we're trying to have a society here.

Back at the gym, Frank Mir announces that his Dave Kaplan will be facing Phillipe Nover in this week's fight. Neither guy has fought yet and at this point in the season these guys have a lot of pent up energy and they both seem really excited to fight. This looks like a solid match up and has the makings for a memorable fight.

The Red Team arrives back at the house and they go straight for the fruit. If you're anything like me, at this point you're praying that they have enough sense not to eat it. Well, I guess God doesn't smile on thieves because they waste no time chowing down on the piss-soaked fruit cocktail. The sound effects are in full force here as you can here the sloshing with each horrifying bite.

Upon finding out they had just devoured a concoction of human excrement, no one seemed to be too worried about it. Bader didn't really care either way and Kyle Kingsbury seemed to actually like it. Tom Lawler points out that it may not have been the first time Kingsbury had had pee. I'm not sure about that, but it certainly seems like it won't be the last time. Nover was the only one who looked even slightly disturbed.

After the excitement settles, we get a look at Dave Kaplan the fighter. From what we can see, he looks pretty solid but Frank Mir can't say enough about his game. Mir has always been confident in his matchups, but there's a little extra skip in his step when he talks about Kaplan's abilities.

Phillipe comes home from practice and notices he's missing some sushi. This doesn't look good...

Oh no he didn't! He did not just say he's going to "spunk" on his sushi. Yes he did. Sigh.

It turns up back at the house that Dave Kaplan is the one who has been eating the sushi and today is to be no different. He chomps down on the spunkified fish. At least he's a little upset when he finds out, and he promises to smear "fecal matter" on Kingsbury, who is the owner of the baby batter.

On the night before the fight, Junie sits down with opposing team member Nover and highlights a few techniques that might help him beat Kaplan. This is an interesting move from Junie. It could be a strategy to get Kaplan eliminated from the contest, it could simply be malice intent to burn a guy he doesn't get along with or it could be Junie just being Junie.

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