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by MariShapiro   May 18, 2010 at 11:49AM  |  Views: 722

Science Behind a Head Shot

If you've seen SWAT vs GSG-9 or purchased one of my shirts off my website you'll already know what happens to a skull when it gets hit by a bullet. BUT to summarize for those of you that have not had the honor, there are about 400 J transferred to the skull in total and the pressures that build up are about 700 PSI, due to a phenomenon called hydrostatic shock.  If you've watched Deadliest Warrior at all you'll have heard me say that it takes roughly 81 PSI applied to the outside of the skull to cause a fracture, so you can imagine what 700 PSI on the inside does. That kind of pressure is physiologically intolerable and often results in head explosions and eye balls popping out of the sockets. Obviously this causes certain death, but the more research that goes into the types of impact energies and injuries that are caused by these weapons the better off we are at engineering personal equipment that can protect against such threats.

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