Mantenna - Monday, November 2

November 2, 2009

Mel Gibson's woman gives birth to his eighth child, the Terminator franchise is up for sale, and Bon Jovi pisses off their fans with outrageous ticket Mama always said, "the Mantenna is like a box of never know what you're gonna get."

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Dakota Fanning Named Homecoming Queen

Dakota Fanning is a real life cheerleader and now Homecoming Queen. The actress was crowned during a football game at her school, North Hollywood's Campbell Hall Episcopal High School. The 15-year-old is reportedly very popular and a conscientious student. Even with all her Hollywood success and fame, she’s living the life of a normal teenager. How refreshing. [WWTDD]

Mel Gibson Has Another Child

Mel Gibson has become a father for the eighth time after girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva gave birth to a baby girl. Gibson reportedly left his wife of 28 years for the Russian musician. The child, named Lucia, was born Friday and Gibson was by Grigorieva’s side in Los Angeles for the birthday.  He left mother and child on Sunday, returning to New York to film The Beaver with Jodie Foster. On set an announcement was made and the entire crew sang "He’s a Jolly Good Fellow." [People]

Terminator is For Sale, Joss Whedon Makes an Offer that will be Refused

The rights to the Terminator franchise have been put up for sale by the owners (the Halcyon Company), which are expected to fetch a high price. The rights for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise went for over $60 million, and the Terminator franchise is expected to bring in much more. But genre master Joss Whedon has written a public letter in a bid for the rights. He’s offered the impressive sum of $10,000 for the franchise, and he even offers several ideas to make the next Terminator less terrible. It’s an offer that is easy to refuse, but necessary as a reality check all the same. [Deadline]

District 9 Sequel Not Coming to a Theater Near You

After the huge success of Neill Blomkamp and Peter Jackson’s District 9 everyone figured the sequel would be fast on its way. Turns out everyone is wrong. It’s recently been announced that both Blomkamp and Jackson are in no hurry to knock out a sequel, and that the best time frame they can give us now is “at some point.” Some point, indeed. Both men have schedules that are filled with other movies, and in some ways this is refreshing news. The fact that these filmmakers aren’t looking to quickly cash in on a great film leaves some hope that, when they get around to it, the sequel will be a movie worth waiting for. [First Showing]

Bon Jovi Pisses Fans Off with Outrageous Ticket Prices


Source: Michael N. Todaro/Getty Images

Bon Jovi fans have expressed their outrage over the insane ticket prices for their O2 Arena residency next June. While general admission prices start at a $90, platinum tickets in the pit cost a whopping $2,131.00. Ironically enough, Bon Jovi’s latest album The Circle tackles the recession in many of its songs. An angry fan on their official website wrote: "The prices are just a mockery." Indeed. The band is set to play 14 nights at the venue kicking off on June 7th. [Contact Music]

Florida Gators Give Severe 30-minute Suspension For Eye-Gouging Incident

Following his attempt to rip the eyeball out of an opposing player's socket, Florida Gators' linebacker Brandon Spikes was suspended for the first half of the team's game against Vanderbilt University next week. For those wondering at home "Wait, he almost blinded somebody and now he's missing two quarters of football in a game that there's no possible way his team is going to lose," fear not. Head Coach Urban Meyer also verbally reprimanded him by calling the action "disappointing." No word has been given yet as to whether or not the boosters who probably pay him will levy any kind of financial fine. Let that be a lesson kids - it really is all fun and games when somebody almost loses an eye, provided you're in the hunt for a national championship. [Google]

Hyundai Buys Viral Video Victim a New Car
Last week we featured a video in which a parking-challenged BMW X5 owner did his or her best monster truck impression and literally drove over a parked Hyundai. Turns out that Todd Jamison, the owner of said Hyundai, had just finished paying off the car just a month prior, and needless to say, didn't find much humor in the situation. In a clever twist of marketing prowess, Hyundai came to the rescue and surprised Todd with a brand new car. Only problem is, it's still a Hyundai. Zing! [Buzzfeed]

Apple Wants You to Ditch Your Cable Company
According to Peter Kafka over at AllThingsD, he's had "multiple sources" tell him that Apple is shopping around a subscription service to TV networks that would give iTunes users a catch-all subscription for $30 a month. As far as he's heard, nobody's jumped on board just yet, and of course networks have to work out their typical fears of such a service cutting into ratings and biting into cable revenue. However, at least one unnamed executive briefed on the plan says "I think they might get it right this time," and with Disney's cozy relationship with Apple there's reason believe they may be the first heavy hitter to climb onboard. Stay tuned. [Mediamemo]

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