My season 1 back for blood

December 31, 2010

I'm doing this as a finale to my first season of blogs. I would like to thank everyone who commented on my blogs and hope that you still feel free to comment. I've been happy with the number of comments and views my blogs have been getting.

I'm doing my own back for blood with my own warriors.

Note: I'm not separating ancient and modern due to only doing one ancient matchup.

In my first season of blogs we saw 18 warriors however only 9 survived those 9 who survived were,

The SBS,

Genghis khan,

Mexican Gafe,

FBI hostage rescue team,

Germanies KSK,

1950's IRA,

South Korean army,

WW2 Red army,

the Mujahideen,

Let's take a look at the SBS first. They had some nice weapons however they weren't necessarily lethal. They had the flashbang which was lethal but really only meant to disorient only scoring 2 kills. Their counterpart the SAS who actually had better weapons for killing still couldn't hold germanies elite KSK. If the SAS couldn't beat the KSK neither could the SBS. The SBS does have other weapons though so I guess they're still in, also because they have great training.

Genghis Khan: Ok let's face it. Great ancient warrior who managed to take down hannibal with his punishing scimitar, but he doesn't have firearms so he's out.

Mexican Gafe: These guys were pretty cool because they were less known but still great. They beat out their enemy Indian commandos 540 to 460.  Their FX-05 scored over 270 kills winning them the match. They're a contender.

FBI hostage rescue team: These guys are pretty cool. However their like the SBS. They just don't have alot of lethality going for them. When your up against a great special focre like the KSK you don't stand a chance. FBI hostage rescue team= out.

KSK: These guys are automatic contenders. They had great weapons like the G36. Not only that, but they took down the SAS. They've got great weapons and training so they're definetly in.

1950's IRA: Let's look at these guys. They impressively took down the japanese imperial army with their great weapons, however they're weapons were ww2 weapons. Sure the thompson is great against a type 100 but it can't hold against a hk mp5. The 1950's IRA are out.

South Korean army: These guys have great weapons. Although they aren't special forces just regular soldiers. They had a huge win of the cuban revolutionaries beating them by over 100 kills. They're still in although they're training could be a problem.

WW2 Red army: Just like the 1950's IRA, great ww2 weapons. Their ppsh-41 smg sent the dillinger gang straight to their graves with 333 kills! Although the PPSH-41 is still used by some countries it's primitive compared to modern sub machine guns. The WW2 red army is out for lack of modern weapons.

Mujahadine: Let's look at the mujahadine. They perfomred impressively however just barely beating out their southern vietnamese enemies. They do lack training but these guys gave the Russians hell. I guess they're still a contender because they do have great weapons and are great soldiers.

So that leaves


Genghis khan

Mexican Gafe

FBI hostage rescue team

Germanies KSK

1950's IRA

South Korean army

WW2 Red army

the Mujahideen

Let's take a second look at the remaining soldiers. The SBS, Mexican Gage, south korean army and mujahadeen remain. Let's face it two of these warriors aren't special forces. People like to incorrectly say "the mujahideen beat spetznas". They're wrong, the mujahideen pushed out the Russians but with american help. Spetznas are only a portion of the russian military. For example the Vietcong pushed out the americans. Yet for every Navy Seal dead their were 200 vietcong dead. I'm sure it was the same way with the spetznas and mujahideen. The Mujahideen are out lack of training. The other non special forces warrior was the south korean army. I wasn't comparing the south korean special forces just regular soldiers. They don't have that much combat experience or training despite great weapons like the K4. The south koreans are out as well.


Genghis khan

Mexican Gafe

FBI hostage rescue team

Germanies KSK

1950's IRA

South Korean army

WW2 Red army

the Mujahideen

So out of the SBS, mexican GAfE and Germanies KSK, who will leave? The GAFE are less well known but they're still great soldiers. They also have great weapons so they're safe. Let's look at the SBS. They're weapons are mainly cut out for water type combat. They're very water based and don't have the most lethal weapons. The SBS is out. If the SAS couldn't take down the KSK neither could the SBS.


Genghis khan

Mexican Gafe

FBI hostage rescue team

Germanies KSK

1950's IRA

South Korean army

WW2 Red army

the Mujahideen

So this means... Germanies KSK will take on Mexico's GAFE.

Beginning assessment: Germanies KSK the elite special forces of germany who are considered unstoppable vs. Mexican GAFE mexico's elite army commandos, who is deadliest?

Mexican GAFE Logo left

Close Range: Colt m1911 pistol

Close Range 2: Mossberg 500

Mid Range: FX-05 Assault Rifle

Long Range: R700 sniper rifle

Long Range 2: M249 light machine gun

Explosive: RPG-7

Logo of the KSK pictured left

Close Range: HK p8 USP

Close Range 2: Remington 870

Mid Range: HK g36 assault rifle

Long Range: G22 sniper rifle

Long Range 2: Rheinmetal mg3

Explosive: Panzerfaust 3

For brevity I'm just gonna give an edge without using my usual format where info for both of the weapons is given considering in my previous blogs they've been talked about.

Close Range edge: The USP handgun vs. the colt m1911. The m1911 fires .45 ACP rounds making it extremely lethal. Although it does have a fair amount of kick as you can see in this video. The P8 USP is 9mm meaning it holds more rounds, is more accurate but is lethal. here's it shooting. Neither have alot of recoil although the USP holds more rounds and has a little less recoil earning it the edge.

Close Range 2: Both of these are popular pump action shotguns. So it's a draw.

Mid Range: These are 2 very advanced assault rifles. They both fires the same ammo both hold 30 and fire 750 rounds a minute. However the FX-05 fires up to 800 meters which beats out the G36's  600 meters by far. The FX-05 takes the edge for it's range in mid range weapons.

Long Range 1: The KSK bring in the .300 accuracy international sniper rifle. The GAFE brings in the remington 700 sniper rifle. The G22 holds more 5 more shots which could be useful. However the R700 has a big advantage. It can fire multiple types of rounds. It can fire G22 ammo and plenty of other types. The R700 gets the edge because of it's variety of caliber.

Long Range 2: The GAFE bring in the m249. It fires 1,000 rounds a minute with an effective range of 920 meters. Like the m60 it jams frequently. The Germans bring in their own more reliable machine gun. The MG3 machine gun. It fires up to 1,300 rounds a minute and has an effective range of up to 1,200 meters. I think this is obvious, the KSK gets the edge for the faster shooting, better ranged and more reliable mg3.

Explosive: The panzerfaust 3 vs. the RPG7. A GAFE soldier who is obviously trained could fire a RPG warhead up to 920 meters. Which is exactly the same range as the panzerfaust 3. However the panzerfaust 3 can fire up to 110 mm warheads while the RPG-7 is limited to 40 mm. The panzerfaust takes the edge in explosive weapons.

The battle isn't supposed to be good.

5 GAFe members walk into a desert field they're is a sandstorm blurring their vision. They look around and see nothing. On a hill about 200 meters away to the right A KSK member mounts a MG3 and aims. He fires and sprays one of the GAFE members. The other GAFE members all dive behind a well. GAFE=4 KSK=5

The KSK members run down the hill. They open fire at the well. One member stays on a hill and raises his G22. One of the GAFE members fires a RPG-7 warhead at the hill and kills the sniper and an advancing troop. GAFE=4 KSK=3

The rest of the KSK members continue charging. A GAFE member goes to mount his m249 but is hit in the head by a KSK 5.56 NATO round. The other Gafe members fire back and the KSK members run. They are now within 50 meters each other. A firefight breaks out although they're a huge lack of cover for the KSK members. Within a few seconds the FX-05 bullets kill 2 KSK members. GAFE=3 KSK=1

The GAFE members go to reload but believe they killed all of their enemies. The remaining KSK member grabs his Panzerfaust 3. He fires at the well, destroying it. One of the GAFE members is killed in the explosion. The others now with no cover run away. The KSK member grabs a remington 870 and charges. Firing blindly he hits a GAFE member in the leg. The other GAFE member fires back his his Mossberg. They both fire until they're out of ammo. The KSK member takes the opportunity to charge. The non injured GAFE member tackles him. The GAFE member pulls out a knife to stab the KSK member but the KSK member rolls over and aims his p8 into the mouth of the GAFE member. He fires into his mouth killing him. GAFE=1 KSK=1

The last GAFE member reaches for his colt. The GAFE member looks over and both fire. The GAFE member hits the KSK member in the leg. The KSK member misses as well. The injured KSK member drops his handgun. The GAFE member goes to fire again but sand got in the barrel of his gun, jamming it.  The GAFE member sees his ally by the remains of the well and limps towars his FX-05. The injured KSK member grabs the knife used to almost kill him. He flips it around and throws it at the injured GAFE member who was within feet of the rifle. It hits the GAFE member in the back killing him. GAFE=0 KSK=1

Winner KSK: 530

HK p8 USP: 16

Remington 870: 47

G36: 179

G22: 71

MG3: 137

Panzerfaust 3: 81


Colt m1911: 12

Mossberg: 29

FX-05: 214

R700: 66

M249: 94

RPG-7: 55

Ending Assessment: To take a direct quote from deadliest warrior "it's the man behind the weapon that matters most". Although GAFE had a superior assault rifle they couldn't hold up the KSK. The KSK are considered by many the best NATO special forces (it would be interesting to put htem up against the navy seals or spetznas). It was the KSK's superior training that won the match. Although for clarification GAFE still has excellent training however to put it simply, KSK members are usually more experienced and have more rigorous training. That's why the KSK won.