Somali Pirate vs Nazi Waffen SS

July 31, 2010

PIRATES --- RPG-7, AK-47, PKM, Grappling Hook.

NAZI --- Flammenwerfer 41, Mauser C-96, MP-28, Bouncing Betty.

Due to having a melee weapon against a bomb, the Pirates swap the Hook with the Mini Hand Grenades.

EDGE --- RPG-7 for longer range lethality, Mauser for ability to become a submachine gun, PKM & MP-28 are EVEN, Bouncing Betty for more lethality.

A group of Somali Pirates are seen docking at a heavily forested area. Only 4 Pirates get off, leaving one for backup if needed. After walking around for awhile, one of them are shot down from a sprey of bullets, the other three run. One of them found a a Nazi with is back turned to him. He throws a grenade right behind the enemy, not noticing. He blows up and is dead instantly. Pirates = 4. Nazi's = 4.

The Pirate starts walking straight ahead seeing two Nazi's being chased by one of his comrad's. He follows, shooting his AK-47 but is blown up by a something flying out of the ground. Pirate = 3. Nazi = 4.

A Nazi runs toward his Volkswagon (the car Hitler actually premoted) to grab his flammenwerfer but the tank is shot by a PKM and blows up. P = 3. N = 3.

After hearing the commotion, the last Pirate gets out of his boat, carrying an RPG and an AK. He watches from a distance a follow Pirate get shot by a Mauser. He comes out of hiding and shoots the hand holding the gun. He then shoots his head. Moving on, he notices another Nazi aiming at another comrad. Before he shoots, the Pirate kills him with a shot to the heart. P = 2. N = 1.

The other Pirate, noticing he's been saved, runs toward the other to thank him but is burned alive by flames behind him. The other runs from the flames, getting some distance. He drops his AK, leaving him the RPG. The Nazi grins, thinking he's going to win, but while he starts shooting flames a rocket blows him up creating a huge explosion from the rocket and the gas tank. P = 1. N = 0.


RPG-7 = 101.

AK-47 = 148.

PKM = 187.

Grenades = 95.


Flammenwerfer 41 = 87.

Mauser C-96 = 128.

MP-28 = 171.

Bouncing Betty = 83.