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The Top 10 Lies You've Been Told About Sex

by Reverend_Danger   May 01, 2009 at 10:00AM  |  Views: 28,238

5. Multiple Male Orgasms Rock


Source: Ryan McVay/Getty Images

In theory, they would rock.  In practice, they’re near impossible, and are probably uncomfortable.  Part of being able to have multiple male orgasms is basically refining orgasm.  The technique people are talking about most of the time is basically retaining your ejaculate while still getting the sensation of an orgasm: coming without coming.  However, a noted urologist says “there is no separating ejaculation and orgasm,” adding, “out of hundreds of guys I know who have tried this, I know only one who’s been able to do it.”  And, apparently, even if he’s holding it back, it just feels like blue balls vasocongestion. Your best bet is just to recover fast and get back in the saddle.

4. Semen is Low-carb and Atkins-approved


Source: Greg Ceo / The Image Bank / Getty Images

It's about as Atkins-approved as the ice cream in the picture above.  Here’s the skinny: The average male ejaculate is about 4 milliliters.  And, although there is protein in semen (the sperm, namely), it is largely comprised of fructose which is a sugar, and totally not Atkins-approved.  However, the energy in a typical load amount to a measly seven calories.  So, let’s just say that you’re giving your girl 14 shots a day – a noble goal.  That’s about 100 calories.  It would take a month for her to put on a pound of “semen weight.”

3. Average Penis Size


Source: Buzzfeed

The average penis size in the general population is probably smaller than you think. Lifestyle condoms did a study on the average length of erect men, and the truth is somewhere between five and six inches.  Take heart, dudes.  There is a limit to how big you can be comfortably.  If you’re hitting the cervix, really, there’s nowhere else to go.  My friend Kiki The Greek put it well: “I don’t want any sort of major organs having to make room for Godzilla c***.”

2. Green M&Ms, Oysters, and Horny Goat Weed are Aphrodisiacs


Source: Mars Inc.

You poor, misguided soul.  Those are actually just foods.  Two of them are actually totally gross foods.  There is no evidence anywhere that suggests the compounds in any of those foods make boys or girls randy.  However, if they make you horny, then guess what:  they make you horny.  No amount of rhetoric or scientific study can defy an obvious erection. Even placebo-effect boners are boners.  Probably, your best (legal) bet is caffeine.  The burst of energy will at least get you to get off of your ass where, statistically, you’re much more likely to get it on.

1. Black Dudes Have Gigantic Dongs


Source: Royalty Free/Getty Images

There is no evidence, anywhere, that penis size is strictly related to what race a person is.  In fact, it appears to have nothing to do with it.  The origin of this myth, too, is a total bummer.  Big dick expert, black guy, and social commenter Scott Poulson explains:

…the notion that the black man had a “desire to conquer pristine Southern white womanhood” was concocted to ease the guilty consciences of white slave masters who routinely forced themselves on their female slaves. In their minds, the black man, out of revenge, would do the same thing to white women if given half a chance. So the myth of “big dick-ness” was invented to control the sexuality of the black male by casting him as a “sexual terrorist.”

In fact, the biggest penis in the world belongs to a schlumpy, white guy from Brooklyn named Jonah Falcon.

Are there any other myths you've heard that need to be debunked? Leave them in the comments!