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The Top 10 Lies You've Been Told About Sex

by Reverend_Danger   May 01, 2009 at 10:00AM  |  Views: 28,548

Your head has been filled with lies about sex and they're trickling down into your undercarriage.  Hit the jump to get educated. 

Source: Peter Cade/Iconica/Getty Images

10. Men are Hornier than Women


Source: Neil Beckerman/Stone/Getty Images

This isn’t true for the most part.  Sure, we go around with boners all the time.  Sure, we talk about sex a lot.  But guess what -- it’s society, man.  It’s society telling women they should be all prim and proper and non-sexual.  Ladies in the street and freaks ladies in bed. It's part of the sexism that is still around -- the sexism that says a man is a man and has to sexually dominate a woman to keep his manhood. But don’t believe the hype. Biologically, women should be just as horny as men.  Here’s Playboy’s Courtney Culkin to convince you if you still need convincing:

9. Nerds Don’t Get Any Action


Source: Allison Leach/Getty Images

Hey Poindexter, it looks like Brock and the rest of the varsity squad might be scrambling for sloppy seconds.  At least, that is, when it comes to college.  A recent study at Elon University in North Carolina suggests that women are attracted to smarts more than you'd think.  The study had 15 college guys perform a series of mental tasks on camera, then hundreds of women watched the video and rated how much they wanted to have a one-night stand or a long-term relationship.  In both cases, the men’s intelligence was an accurate indicator of how attractive they were to the ladies. In other words: The smarter you are, the easier it is for you to get on the trolley to Pleasure Town, U.S.A.

8. Mountain Dew Lowers Your Sperm Count


Source: madsci.org

An ingredient in Mountain Dew, specifically the food dye Yellow #5, was reported by my fifth grade classmate Rory to undoubtedly lower your sperm count, thus making you “totally queer.”  The only known cure at the time, was red-headed Sara’s prematurely large, freckled breasts. For years these results went unchallenged until I Googled it yesterday.  This independent research yielded the following shocking results: 

… tartrazine is an extremely stable molecule which may account for both its relative lack of toxicity and also the fact that it comes out of the body pretty much as it goes in: YELLOW…The silly schoolyard rumor has gone so far as to claim that Mountain Dew prevents pregnancy because it reduces sperm count or sperm motility. Not true.

So worry not, extreme men.  Slam a Dew, then slam your lady with impunity. 

7. Wearing Two Condoms Offers Double the Protection


Source: Lego/Riser/Getty Images

Wearing two condoms not only does not offer additional protection from pregnancy or STD/STIs, it actually increases the likelihood of pregnancy or contracting a disease.  Condoms are relatively reliable (90-95%) prophylactics, and if you require further peace of mind, you should use redundant birth control in the form of a pill, injection, or any of a variety of other options. However, putting two condoms on actually increases the friction between the two condoms. It’s like rubbing two pieces of sandpaper together until one of them rips. You want that on your schlong? Don’t double bag it!  

6. The G-spot


Source: Stone/April/Getty Images

The G-spot is a location inside a lady’s vagina, and it’s named for German gynecologist Ernst Grafenberg.  Supposedly, it is a location one to three inches inside the vagina on the anterior wall (toward the belly button).  Stimulation of this area is supposed to cause more intense orgasms, but the vast, vast, vast majority of gynecologists say it doesn’t exist.  Specifically, they say there just isn’t anything there.  Some have suggested that Grafenberg was unduly influenced by Freud, who believed that masculine penetration was needed for the most intense orgasm because he thought men were better than women. Despite biological evidence to the contrary, though, if that’s where your lady likes it, then stimulate away.