10 Things We Learned From The 'Moroccan Rescue' #TafferTalk

July 20, 2015
10 Things We Learned From The 'Moroccan Rescue' #TafferTalk

Jon Taffer took to Twitter last night to answer questions during a special episode of Bar Rescue just before the first installment of the epic television event, Tut. We had a look at some old nicknames, his favorite places in Vegas and his preferred baseball club.

Jon Taffer on Twitter
Jon Taffer on Instagram

1: His high school nickname was “Taff.”

2: What are the three things every bar should have?

3: He should run for president.

4: These are his preferred resorts in Vegas:

5: How do you feel about NY baseball?

6: This is how a computer should be shut down.

7: How do you get to Taffer’s level of success?

8: What is his favorite game?

9: What is the future of the butt funnel?

10: He likes pirates, just not from Maryland.