KYOURADIO HammondCast 192 hosted by Jon Hammond

August 19, 2010

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HammondCast 192
HammondCast 192 KYOU Radio Jon Hammond and The Late Rent Session Men opening for Sons of Champlin at the Fillmore Auditorium "Introduction to Pocket Funk", "Hip Hop Chitlins", "Head Phone" live at The Fillmore and "Killer Joe" from the Late Rent Sessions volume III and Al Jazzbeaux Collins checking in from outer space by phone with an introduction to The Sidewinder 45 minutes
Last Aired:Aug 19, 2010 12:00pm - 12:45pm
This is an ON DEMAND Podcast: Jon Hammond and The Late Rent Session Men Live at The Fillmore tracks: Barry Finnerty guitar, James Preston drums (of Sons of Champlin band), Jon Hammond organ and bass Jon Hammond and The Late Rent Session Men Studio tracks Killer Joe & The Sidewinder: Todd Anderson tenor sax, Barry Finnerty guitar, Ray Grappone drums, Jon Hammond at B3 organ with special appearance by radio legend Al Jazzbeaux Collins from a broadcast on WNEW 1130AM Bill Graham, Bob Barsotti, KYOU Radio, James Preston, Bill Champlin, Terry Haggerty, Geoff Palmer, David Schallock, Mick Brigden, BGP, Rita Gentry, Jerry Pompili, Charlie Kelly, Mountain Biking, Howard Wales, The Lion's Share, Beefy Red, Hot Mush, John Whitelaw, Fender Amps, XB-2, XK-1, XK-3c, Organ, Suzuki, Sound Genesis, Bruce Hatch, Leo's Music, Bill Beer, Keyboard Products, Don Wehr's Music City, Caffe' Trieste, Boom Boom Room, 38 Geary Blvd. Bus, Muni, Dusty Street, Jane Dornacker, Big Daddy Tom Donahue, Al Jazzbo Collins, Tim Cain, Chet Helms, Tim Anderson, Shoreline Amphitheatre, Avalon, Family Dog at The Beach, Eddie Money, KSAN, KMPX, KPFA, Arnie Pustilnik, Late Rent Session Men, Local 802 Musicians Union, on Hammond, Organ, Sons of Champlin, The Fillmore