Which UFC Champion Will Be The Next To Fall

July 19, 2010

On January 1, 2010, BJ Penn, Georges St. Pierre, Anderson Silva, Lyoto Machida, and Brock Lesnar were all UFC champions.  Since then BJ Penn has fallen to Frankie Edgar and Lyoto Machida has fallen to a man whom he had previously beaten in Mauricio Rua.  Brock Lesnar, Anderson Silva and Georges St. Pierre however, have all defended their titles in 2010.  My question is, given the remaining three, who will be the next to lose their UFC title?


It is very possible that all three of these men can and will hold onto their belts until they either retire, or vacate their belts.  Many people have called for both The Spider and GSP to vacate their titles and move up in weight.  Although, I happen to be a fan of dynasties and domination.  So more power to them if they want to stay where they are.  All three of these <a href="http://www.fightlaunch.com" target="_blank">MMA fighters</a> have shown very few holes in their games.  Brock Lesnar has shown that he now has submission skills to go along with his wrestling, all he needs to do now is improve his stand up and he might be champion for a long time.  The only weakness in GSP's game is that he is accused of being a boring fighter.  I agree, but hey, he is winning.  Does Anderson Silva have any holes in his game?  It seems to me that Anderson Silva's biggest threat to his title, is Anderson Silva.  When he decides to show up, he is a bad man, but one day he is going to underestimate the wrong fighter, and that could result in him losing his title.


There are no threats to GSP that I see at this point.  He has already beaten Koscheck once, and beat him at his own game too!  So I don't really think that Koscheck will be able to defeat GSP this time around.  Even with the acquisition of Jake Shields, who I hope fights at 170lbs in the UFC, I still don't see GSP losing.  We have seen what GSP does to strong wrestlers, i.e. Koscheck, Fitch, and Hughes. To me GSP is safe from a fall.  Anderson Silva, might be the safest, especially if Dana White and Ed Soares successfully got into his ear after Abu Dhabi.  Even with all the smack talk Sonnen is doing to promote his fight (which I love by the way), does he really have a chance at beating the Spider?  If he Chael does have a chance, it will be to use his wrestling to bully and beat up Silva, again though we have seen Silva handle similar situations, with bigger stronger guys.  Marquardt, Franklin, and Hendo all tried to use their physicality to win, but Anderson's speed and fluidity prevailed over them as well.


Which leaves us with Brock Lesnar.  Crazy as it may seem, I believe he has the best chance at losing his title.  Just take a look at the guys coming after him, Dos Santo, Cain, and don't count out Shane Carwin a second time.  Ironically enough, I give Carwin the greatest chance at dethroning the Heavyweight king of the UFC.  He is just as big, and just as strong, and he showed that he had all the right tools, before he gassed out in the second round. Trust me, we won't see him gas again, not with the guys Carwin trains with.  Carwin showed he could sprawl a take down attempt from a fresh Brock Lesnar, and we knew going in that Carwin had the better stand up.  If Carwin's body doesn't "seize up" on him again, and he comes out fresher in the second round, and Brock can't take him down, where does that leave Brock Lesnar?  TKO'ed in the second, that's where.  On my blog <a href="http://www.mmabadass.com" target="_blank">MMABadAss,</a> I already stated that I thought Shane could do it in a second meeting between the two, and I still believe it.  <strong>Brock Lesnar</strong> in my opinion, out of these three champions, will be the next to fall.


Written by Keith Talarico of <a href="http://www.mmabadass.com" target="_blank">MMABadAss.com</a>.


Article originally posted on the FightLaunch.com MMA Blog.