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by Robbie E   July 05, 2012 at 6:00PM  |  Views: 3,134

What up, my dudes? It's hot, so this has to be a quick one, man. I am super hungover from 4th of July parties last night and my head is killing me, bro.

This week, I'm getting right to the point... The top 5 things that make Robbie E, Robbie. People always ask how they can be me. Obviously you can't. But if you got these 5 things going for you, that's as close as a hamster like I assume you are is gonna get. Well, here is what you would need:

5 - White loafers - These babies are chick magnets and only someone as bold as me can handle all the stares that come along with wearing super white shoes. If people give dirty looks its just cause they are haters.

4 - Jed Clothing sweater vests - I mean, sweater vests are what's up, man. When I'm on the shore, the boardwalk or the club, my bright colored sweater vests that match Robbie T's always get us noticed.

3 - Hair - My hair is like no other. I have been compared to Guile from Street Fighter and Kid from Kid 'n' Play which to me is not a dis... those guys rule!!! So def have hair that stands out if ya wanna be like Robbie E.

2 - Spray tan - You must be golden brown if ya wanna successfully have your skin stand out. Not anyone can pull off a perfect smooth look like I sport. It takes a work... I have my own tanning coach dog!

1 - Jacked - Above all, you must be jacked!!!! Look at me… Look at bigger Rob... Now look at me again. Now stop looking at me, bro, because you're a hamster who isn't even worthy. No one has muscles like us... think about it!!!

Until next week...oh you ain't on the list bro!!!

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