Is it Time for Another Fan Tasering Video Already?

July 19, 2010

We’ve been waiting weeks for another high school dropout with a shiny badge and love of electronic weaponry to unleash his rage on an intoxicated baseball fan. Thankfully, the Taser dry spell has ended in spectacular fashion.

Over the weekend, at a minor league baseball game, a rowdy fan had a slight run-in with stadium security. Without giving away too much of the plot, it ended with a portly man hitting the ground as 40,000 volts shot through his body.

Last week I claimed that there is nothing the sport of baseball could do to make me interested in regularly attending games. Today, I stand corrected. If Major (or minor) League Baseball guaranteed at least one fan Tasering every night, I would call the Los Angeles Dodgers front office and purchase season tickets immediately.

"Hey Breitman, what was the score at the game last night?"

"Taser 1, Fan 0."

The possibilities are endless.

This could help fill the steroid void that random drug testing has helped (sort of) eliminate. It may not be the summer of '98 with McGwire and Sosa chasing history, but 2010 could be the "magical fall of security Taser videos."