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Top 10 Greatest Movie Knockouts

by dsussman   June 20, 2011 at 11:00AM  |  Views: 20,846
When it comes to going to the movies, nothing satisfies a dude’s optical taste buds like a much-needed cinematic knockout. From an epic action fight scene to an over-the-top comedic smackdown, there’s something seriously special about using a few fists to solve some problems.

10. Peter, Michael and Samir vs. The Printer - Office Space

Peter, Michael and Samir vs. The Printer - Office Space - Image
Source: 20th Century Fox

When Peter, Michael, and Samir finally destroy the printer that has haunted them for so many years, we as audience members knew we had cult comedy gold in our sights. I gotta say, for a couple of office geeks, these dudes are actually pretty brutal. If you work in an office like many of us do, you were emotionally there every step of the way with Michael Bolton when he had to be physically peeled off of the useless office tool before stomping it into plastic dust.

To me, thanks to the brilliance of Mike Judge, the printer itself is an actual character in the film and when the boys of Initech decided to take it out back and put it down Old Yeller-style, it went down in my book as one of cinema’s most memorable knockouts.

9. Conan vs. Camel - Conan the Barbarian

Conan vs. Camel - Conan the Barbarian - Image
Source: Universal Pictures

As far as movie punches go, few can rival this classic right cross delivered by the one and only Governator himself in Conan the Barbarian.

As you all should remember, while getting ridiculously hammered after a serious heist with his new best homie Subotai, Conan accidentally bumps into a pissed-off camel and without batting an eye, the greatest Barbarian of them all literally put the beast to rest in one skull-shattering blow. For those of you who cringe at any inkling of animal cruelty, this scene is sure to get you extremely all hot and bothered, but if you’re like me and love true testosterone entertainment, this is on your list as one of the most epic moments in all of action cinema.

8. Jake LaMotta vs. Tony Janiro - Raging Bull

Jake LaMotta vs. Tony Janiro - Raging Bull
Source: United Artists

Like many films by Martin Scorsese, Raging Bull didn’t get the respect it deserved upon first release. S**t, it lost to Ordinary People for the Best Picture Academy Award. What sacrilege.

The fight scenes that go down between Jake LaMotta and his multiple opponents throughout the film were so far ahead their time it’s scary. The final fight between Jake and Sugar Ray Robinson might be the standout as far as the fights go, but when it comes to a legit knockout, LaMotta’s demonic beatdown on pretty boy Tony Janiro is the obvious winner. The knockout is brutal, bloody, and simply unforgettable. “He ain’t pretty no more.”

7. Lee vs Ohara - Enter the Dragon

Lee vs Ohara - Enter the Dragon - Image
Source: Warner Bros.

Up until 1973’s Enter the Dragon, American audiences had never really seen fight scenes quite like the ones put on display in Bruce Lee’s epic martial arts masterwork. We get a taste for what’s in store in the first scene featuring a very young Sammo Hung, but when Bruce finally goes toe to toe against his sister’s killer Oharra, things get truly epic.

First and foremost, besides some Green Hornet episodes and the mild possibility of catching one of his Chinese-language films like Fists of Fury on the big screen, viewers in the states rarely had the opportunity to experience Bruce Lee like they finally did in Enter the Dragon. If you weren’t sold going into the film, this scene with Oharra made you a die-hard fan instantly. Bruce’s speed, power, and intensity looked almost superhuman, but the knockout kick and eventual foot-stomping of a bottle-wielding Oharra literally made movie-goers stand up and go bananas. And for good reason. Bruce's kick broke Bob Wall's (Oharra) sternum in real life as well as the arms of two extras trying to catch him. This wasn’t just a choreographed fight scene, this s**t was real, son. Dude was the first mixed martial artist, y’all.

6. Julius vs. Jason Voorhees - Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan

Julius vs. Jason Voorhees - Image
Source: Paramount Pictures

Easily my favorite kill in the entire Friday franchise, the now-famous head-removing punch in Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan is the epitome of a great movie knockout. Now I know that this is more of a murder than an actual knockout, but it’s quite clear that Julius Gaw openly challenged Jason Voorhees to a boxing bout on a New York rooftop. Needless to say, after Julius gave Crystal Lake’s finest his best shots, Mr. Voorhees delivered his one and only KO blow that literally knocked his challenger’s skull clean off his neck and into a dumpster. Now that’s what I call a true knockout. Another good reason never to ask Jason to take his best shot.