Have a Drink Literally on the Rocks

March 24, 2009

Nordic Rocks are exactly what they look like – ice cube shaped rocks.  Why in the name of Thor would you put that in your drink?

The answer to this and many other ridiculous questions is “to be green, of course.”  These cubes were harvested from the bedrock of one of the cleanest nations on earth – Switzerland. 

You use them a lot like water.  Put them in your freezer until they get cold, then put them in your drink to keep that cold.  Just rinse them off when you’re done! 

“How is that green?” you might ask.  “Aren’t you using the same amount of water to rinse them as you would to fill an ice cube tray?” you might continue.  Then, you might rhetorically ask, “Do ice cubes really burden the environment? We do consume them after all.” 

And then after you said all that I’d think you were smart enough to come have a drink with me.  They come in packs of 10 and cost $23.

Source: Mocha UK