Kick-Ass Gets Even More Kick-Ass with Animation

September 1, 2009

Everyone who attended the Kick-Ass panel at Comic-Con this summer saw the huge potential of the movie. Most people haven't heard of the comic, created by Mark Millar and John Romita, Jr., but those who have will be excited to discover that Romita has contributed an animated sequence to the film.

MTV reports that the sequence has to do with Nicolas Cage's character, Big Daddy, and how he became a vigilante:

The animated sequence is about a minute, minute and a half, and it's a very wild computer program that allows us to do this. I don't need to do as many drawings as you think, but they're able to do the animation with models that I've drawn. ...There's a comic book that Nicolas Cage's character has drawn as a shrine to his victims. It's basically an origin of him.

Having seen the footage at Comic-Con, I can say that the movie promises to be a hit, if a minor one. It combines comedy and action seamlessly and doesn't betray its small-budget roots. That there's an actual animated sequence in the film by one of the creators just makes it that much more exciting.

Now the only question is: When do we get to see it on the big screen?

Source: Lionsgate