Model Strips in State of the Union Undress

January 20, 2010

In a weeks time Barack Obama delivers his first State of the Union Address. Yes, it will be an historic occasion and the President has a lot of problems to deal with. But frankly these speeches are long and boring. What they really need is some female nudity.

A new video, created by animal rights group PETA, shows model, actress, and PETA activist Marissa Lewis slowly stripping as she seemingly addresses Congress. Marissa stands front of an American flag and tells her audience that PETA has “arouse[d] America into a new way of thinking, and that she hopes to “turn America on to a kinder way of living.” Also, while caressing her bosoms she also urged Americans to “take matters into their own hands. The double entendre and sexual puns continue as Marissa removes her clothing.

Marissa has been a longtime activist for PETA and thought nothing of stripping for a worthwhile cause. She tells PETA, "When I was a little girl, I dreamed of being a veterinarian when I grew up. As I got older, I decided to choose a different career path. I have always had a strong love for animals, and I believe that your mind, body, and soul is a supernatural inheritance from God, and how you use it is your choice! It's up to us as individuals to make a difference." Well, she certainly is.


Two versions of the address were created. The one above is censored and you can check out the naughty, uncensored one at PETA.

Source: PETA