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July 21, 2010

What's up guys?
It's me, Shawn Carvajal, coming to you from San Diego.

It's my first time actually blogging on the Spike site, though I figured I'd give it a shot. I'm a HUGE fan of Deadliest Warrior, and have been since the first episode. I've been keeping up with the show, both on the air and online with blogs, comments, and the Aftermath. Even though it's a little late into the game, I figured I'd give my review about certain episodes, about the tests, the warriors, and the weapons they wield. I love reading user comments and trying to find a suitable answer. If your comment doesn't make it to the Aftermath, chances are it'll make it here... maybe.

I'm no expert.
I'm just a dedicated fan of Deadliest Warrior, and always will be.


Comanches Versus Mongols

Pre-Game Prediction

When I first heard of this matchup, I immediately thought of the first episode of Deadliest Warrior, Apache VS Gladiator. Some similarities, mostly concern the difference in weaponry, stone and bone VS metal. And warrior for warrior, the Apaches came out on top. Though this matchup is radically different, I was all for the Comanche coming in. Fierce warriors, a survival camp in everyday life, I think the Comanches will take it. But against the Mongols, definitely a close match.

Weapon matchups

Mid Range: War Lance VS Glaive

The Comanche War Lance and the Mongol Glaive. Great pole weapon matchup, very different uses. Joaquin's performance with the War Lance on horseback was phenomenal, demonstrating true expertise with his weapon. Even the Glaive, as a hand-to-hand Combat weapon and a dismounting tool, was excellent to watch. In the end, I have to agree with the hosts and say that the War Lance, being able to use both as a foot weapon, and a mounted weapon, deserved the edge.

Long Range: Bow VS Bow

Head to head Bow and Arrow matchup. Never thought I'd see it happen. The usual opponent to the bow was the sling, which never could really win out. But this was definitely an awesome test. Horseback archery is always a pleasure to see. In the end, both warriors were skilled enough to get four kills each, but with a faster time and higher hit ratio, the Comanches take it.
PS: If you can shoot three arrows at once, you are a definite badass.

Special Weapons: Ild VS Scalping Knife

Very very interesting matchup. Two very different weapons, two very different techniques. The Ild was a beautiful sword to watch as it completely devastated the pork. The Scapling Knife: small, quick, and concealable, not to mention fast and razor sharp. But when we talk weapon on weapon, the Ild had a better range and unless the Comanches can get in close to deliver severe stabs, it's pretty useless. Edge: Mongols.

Close Range: War Hawk VS Flanged Mace

Both beautiful weapons. The War Hawk's spike gave it great sharp force trauma, added blunt force trauma, plus it's light and versatile. The Flanged Mace was all metal, heavy heavy hitter, and extremely explosive blunt force coming down. Although the War Hawk was effective, even with that sharp edge, I have to agree with the hosts' decision. With pure destruction, the Mongols take it with the Flanged Mace.


The Simulation - The Fight and the Results

The final battle, for me, was definitely a heart stopper. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. But in the end, the Comanches came out on top. It was definitely a close match. The Mongols were much much fiercer and just as skill than I had ever imagined, but Comanches were able to edge them out. It was a great matchup, both warriors are very interesting and strong. But the Comanches proved to... be the Deadliest Warrior.


Coming soon: Deadliest Warrior, My Aftermath.
  Comanches VS Mongols