Qualcomm Wants Your TV to Swallow Your Game Console

January 11, 2012

Source: Getty Images

Your phone has high quality video games, your computer has high quality video games, everything with a screen can run video games natively, without any extra items plugged into it ... except your TV.

Qualcomm, a wireless manufacturer, announced at CES that they want to change that.

Specifically, they want to give your television enough horsepower to play video games without being plugged into a console. How would they pull this off? With their Snapdragon processor.

The Snapdragon is designed to fit into mobile devices: It packs a lot of computing power with minimal power consumption at a low cost. That makes it ideal for integration into "smart" TVs because, really, who wants an even bigger electrical bill?

And, even better, it's designed to run Android 4.0, aka Ice Cream Sandwich. Lenovo demonstrated a TV with these powers (pictured), and it not only played back games beautifully, it did it quickly. Unfortunately, it's currently only available in China ... but don't expect that state of affairs to last for long.