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May 20, 2009

Tila Tequila says she’s pregnant, Eminem thinks The Wire is the greatest show ever, and a study finds Americans would rather play video games than watch's the Mantenna!

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The American Idol Audience is Nuts

Last night Kris Allen, a married Christian boy-next-door type from the South, beat a make-up wearing emo-looking Adam Lambert to take the Season 8 American Idol crown. Allen’s victory was an upset, as Lambert has long been the presumed front-runner. Like last year, scores of fans filmed their reaction to this year’s finale and posted them on YouTube. It’s safe to say Adam Lambert fans are devastated and American Idol fans can be bats*** crazy. [Buzzfeed]

Tila Tequila Says She’s Pregnant

She wrote on her Twitter, “Before I bounce, and since it’s late...Im gonna tell y’all something REAL FAST, and then delete it ok? Since nobody is awake...reason why I’ve been feeling sick on and off lately is because yes, I am pregnant! *GASPS******Ok, bye.” Tila hinted that the father of the child is someone in the hip hop world who is "very, very, very, very famous" and refuses to "step up to the plate." Or this could all be a giant cry for attention. [Buddy TV]

First Image of Sideways is Here

The first image of Sideways, one of the characters in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen has hit the webs, and dang if he doesn’t mean business. He’s all silver panels, wheels, and blades, and as such he should make an excellent toy, if not an intimidating character. Shia’s going to have his hands full with all of these new nasties -- and I’m not talking about the hot ladies who are going to pop up in the movie, but they’re nice too. Looks like Megatron is going to have some serious competition for most badass Transformer of the year this time around. [The Movie Blog]

Lawyer For Man Who Shot Dolla Claims Self-Defense?!

The attorney representing the man accused of shooting and killing Atlanta rapper Dolla in Los Angeles on Monday claims that his client acted in self-defense. "If somebody has a reasonable perception that he is in danger of bodily injury or death, he has a right to defend himself," Howard K. Price, lawyer for Aubrey Louis Berry told MTV News on Thursday. Price said his client shot at Dolla at a Los Angeles mall on Monday because he feared for his life when he ran into the rapper and his entourage at the Beverly Center. Berry was arrested on Monday at Los Angeles International Airport, where he was carrying a loaded 9mm handgun. [MTV]

Eminem Thinks The Wire is the Greatest Show Ever


Source: Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images

Eminem recently said that The Wire is the best show on TV and explained the appearance of one of its stars on his most recent Relapse LP. Em told Radio 1 that he initially could not tell that Dominic West, who plays James McNulty on the show, was English. Eminem said: "While I was watching the show and when I first started getting into it I was like, 'There's no way.' You'd never know. You'd never be able to tell in a million years. My rehab counselor has a British accent, so it reminded me of that and I thought, 'Wow. How crazy would it be if I could get that guy to play my rehab counselor? That would be crazy'." He added: "It's the best thing ever on TV. Don't get me started on that because the whole interview will be about that. It's the best show." [Digital Spy]

Study Finds Americans Would Rather Play Video Games than Watch Movies

According to the NPD Group, the fine market research folks who share batches of random statistics every month, more Americans played video games in the past six months than went to a movie theater. Entertainment medium fanboys will be happy to learn that 63 percent of Americans played a video game over the past six months, compared to 53 percent who schlepped it on down to the local cineplex. Considering the cost-benefit factor of a two hour, non-interactive movie versus a replayable video game, which could potentially provide dozens of hours of entertainment, it's actually not all that surprising. [USA Today]

Makers of Grand Theft Auto Series Launch New Studio

Jamie King and Gary Formeman, who founded Rockstar Games with three others, are teaming up with former Image Metrics and NBC execs to create a new video game studio. 4mm Games is developing "online worlds that will define social gaming", according to the company's website. The studio is teaming with CEA Autumn Games in a multi-year partnership that will encompass multiple titles and platforms. "4mm Games has a pioneering vision for the future of interactive entertainment," said Alex Collmer, CEO and co-founder of CEA Autumn Games. "We believe the 4mm management team combines a unique blend of design, technological prowess and cultural understanding in a way that that will speak to a broad audience, and we look forward to working together to create blockbuster entertainment." That may sound like a lot of lip service, but when the makers of GTA speak, the industry, and the gaming world at large, listens. [Destructoid]

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