Young Buck is a Big Crybaby

June 18, 2008


It might be safe to say that 50 Cent has ruined the rap career of Young Buck by recently leaking a tape of a tearful phone conversation with his ex-G-Unit homie onto the internet.

The audio of the phone conversation between Buck and 50 is just plain pitiful. Young Buck apologizes for any uncalled-for comments he may have committed in the past and basically pleads to be back in the G-Unit family. 50 acts like he cares while Buck goes on about serious financial difficulties with the IRS. Fiddy is too cold.

It is nice to see that hardcore rappers with guns tattooed on their chest have the same problems as I do though. I had to call my grandma for some extra spending money last week and totally sucked the big one. How many times can one person say "I wuv you Nana" in a single conversation?! I'm tearing up as we speak. I feel for you Buck.  Check out the tears...