Tweet With Josh Live During #RepoGames Tonight!

July 19, 2011

Repo Games is back in full force, and we couldn't be more excited. In fact, we're just so damn excited, our host Josh Lewis decided to join Twitter just so he can chat with you during the all-new Repo episodes, starting tonight at 11/10c.

To prep for tonight, check out some of the best #RepoGames fan tweets from last week's episodes:

@JustHadTo: Yay! Repogames is coming back. Love that show.

@brownmuzik: they should have "Repo Games" for student loanz. Like, they ask u 10 questionz, if u get 6 right, they pay off ur loanz.

@taterpie: This Repo Games show sounds amazing. Can I win someone else's car?

@bigredshel: lmao @ the repo games show. reality tv at it's best!!! hahahahahahahaha!

@tiffamander: Drinking Aquavit and watching "Repo Games". YEAH, AMERICA!

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