Roy Nelson: Attitude Adjustment

September 24, 2009

In a one-hour program, there's always going to be a few things that end up on the cutting room floor and there was definitely some TV magic going on in this week's show. Good thing I kept a journal to make sure I'd get a chance to tell my side of the story.

In the beginning, they showed me talking to Justin about fighting Kimbo. They edited it to seem like I wanted to fight Kimbo in the house. All I meant is that when Kimbo fought in EliteXC and I was in the IFL, I wanted to fight him. It would have been a great payday for both of us… that’s all. I wanted that fight ever since I saw him. Once we moved into the house and he was my roommate (and a lot better fighter then some of the other cast members), I did not want to fight him so early. As Dana would say, "You want the easiest road to the finals." Kimbo would not be the easy fight, but everyone wanted me to take him on so they wouldn't have to.  And besides, it would make great TV since we can both headline a card by ourselves. 
The best part of this episode is my so-called attitude adjustment, which really wasn't anything more than a misunderstanding on how the coaches and I operate. The first thing we were doing was grappling drills that I thought were stupid. They were stupid. These are drills where you start on your knees and grapple live. In every fight I have ever been in or watched, they never started on the knees. Thus the supreme stupidity of the drill. I even asked my coaches if they have ever started there and of course they replied "NO," and I said, "My point exactly." This is where I ruffled some feathers. Next, they brought me into the back where I was told how uncoachable I am with all their nonsense and how they know what is best for us this season. They also mentioned that I wanted to be my own coach, which I was since I was not training partners with the Jackson camp. My coaches said they “would coach us all the same." That is when I had to come out with the TRUTH HATCHET and say "BULLS***" when they kept saying they were “going to coach us the same." So then I expressed my concerns that they suck as friends. Who needs enemies when your friends that don't want you to your very best? Then pretty much everyone's, and my, attitude were adjusted.
Fight day was actually the same day as the Abe and John fight. TV magic at its finest once again. This fight had James and Wes (Mississippi), which I thought was going to be a stand up war. After re-watching the fights, I could see that Wes beat himself and could have won the fight if he had a couple more tools in the shed and bigger gas tank (like me). I respect Wes a helluva lot because he took some hell kicks from James. Wes could not walk for days and was black and blue. James won the fight because he is a fighter; even in crappy position he kept fighting, and had a little more gas then Wes.
At the end of this episode they have Rashad picking Kimbo to fight me for next week. This is where I take my newfound coaching to the next level and become the complete fighter. :) We have to wait until next week to see if my new coaching is going to make me a winner or if I’m going to be Kimbo Slice’s next victim.
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