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Demi Lovato May Have a Sex Tape

by girls   December 19, 2010 at 7:00AM  |  Views: 1,400

First it was rehab, then racy pics hit the web and now things could get a whole lot worse for troubled Disney starlet Demi Lovato with news that a sex tape is about to hit the web.

Celebrity blog X17 Online is reporting that a sex tape featuring Sonny with a Chance star Demi Lovato is being shopped around. They report, “A sex tape featuring the barely legal singer/actress could leak any day now.” The tape was purportedly shot over the summer while Lovato was on tour. X17 says the 18-year-old “videotaped herself getting it on with a young man over the summer” onboard her tour bus. The website claims Lovato’s uncle, Francisco Lovato, guarded the door of the tour bus to ensure no one interrupted "the shoot."

Lovato’s people have vehemently denied the allegation, saying, “Perpetrating these completely unfounded rumors from supposed sources while Demi is in treatment dealing with serious physical and emotional issues is disgusting.” They add, "the sourcing on this report is so spotty that it is hard to fully respond.” Her reps also pointed out that Francisco Lovato “never traveled on the tour, and certainly didn't serve as some sort of chaperone.”

Who do you believe?

Photo: Victor Chavez/WireImage/Getty Images