Nazi Waffen SS vs Spetsnaz

October 5, 2010

Beginning Assessment: It's elite vs elite when Hitler's German bodyguards that almost eliminated an entire nation comes to Russia's combat ready trained soldiers.

Nazi Waffen SS:

Short Range: Mauser C-96.

Medium Range: Luger Shotgun.

Long Range: MP-28.

Explosive: Bouncing Betty Mine (Shrapnellmine).


Short Range: Makarov Pistol.

Medium Range: Saiga Shotgun.

Long Range: AK-74.

Explosive: RGD-5 Grenade.


Mauser vs Makarov. Edge = Mauser.

The Mauser gets the edge due to having the ability to turn on to full auto mode like a common day MAC-10.

Luger vs Saiga. Edge = Saiga.

Even though both may be semi-auto with a specific model, the Saiga is more modern and can shoot faster.

MP-28 vs AK-74. Edge = Even.

Both are semi-automatic and are very accurate. And deadly.

Betty vs RGD-5. Edge = RGD-5.

The grenade gets an edge because you can throw it as far as possible, as where you need to walk directly where the mine is.


A group of Spetsnaz soldiers are seen walking through a vacant road. The leader of the Spetsnaz commands his five other men to get off the road and to start walking into the grassy plains surrounded by bushes and mud. As they walk through it to get into a nearby forest. As they keep walking on, the one in the back trips, and places his foot in the mud. Right then, some wierd shaped object jumped out of the ground and exploded, sending metal ball bearings into his chest and head. Nazi Waffen SS = 6. Spetsnaz = 5.

The rest of the Spetsnaz scattered, pulling out their saiga's and AK's. They ran for safety in the forest, when bullets were opened fire on them. The leader was hit, but it was only a graze on his shoulder. They shot back to where the unseen bullets were coming from, and in a second a man in a full camo jacket fell down with a bullet in his neck. Nazi Waffen SS = 5. Spetsnaz = 5.

The Spetsnaz run away from what they identified as the Nazi Waffen SS. They jump over another clump of mud, as a reminder as what happened to their guy. As the last one jumped past the mud, he turned around to guard the soldiers from the rear. He had his saiga ready, but a Nazi with a mauser went full auto and was able to kill the Spetsnaz. The rest turn around and open fire. Bullets were flying everywhere, and when a Nazi member came to help, both he and the mauser shooter died. Nazi Waffen SS = 3. Spetsnaz = 4.

The rest of the Nazi team comes and starts shooting. Immediately, two of the Spetsnaz fell down. The Spetsnaz leader and his last man ran away again, narrowly escaping more bullets. The leader's AK-74 shot the last man in the heart, and tumbled down into the previously jumped mud. But the Spetsnaz were still glad when a bomb didn't go off because that could of been them. Nazi Waffen SS = 1. Spetsnaz = 2.

The Spetsnaz progress through the rest of the forest and stop when they see a Volkswagen. They hear the leader of the Waffen get closer, shooting more bullets. His luger eventually shot into the neck of the other soldier. The Spetsnaz leader runs behind the Volkswagen and takes out his RGD-5. He hears the Nazi come to the front of the Volkswagen, and says, "Where is the other guy? Maybe I got him earlier...?" The Nazi leader decides he'll look for the last Spetsnaz by driving the Volkswagen around. After getting inside the driver's seat, and before the door slammed shut, the Spetsnaz leader came out of hiding and threw his pin-pulled RGD-5. It ends up in the lap of the Nazi, and screams, "WHAT THE-" and blows up the van. The Spetsnaz leader walks over the wreckage, stops at the rest of the corpse belonging to the Nazi, and yells, "Ya Spetsnaz!" (Which means, "I am Spetsnaz" in Russian.) Nazi Waffen SS = 0. Spetsnaz = 1.

Spetsnaz: 521.

Makarov: 87.

Saiga: 161.

AK-74: 205.

RGD-5: 68.

Nazi Waffen SS: 479.

Mauser: 91.

Luger: 125.

MP-28: 198.

Bouncing Betty: 65.

Ending Assessment: The Spetsnaz superior training and dedication, along with the better weaponry claimed this battle.

Best Weapon: The AK-74 Carbine was the deadliest weapon with 205 kills.

Least Weapon: The Bouncing Betty only jumped up and blew up 65 times with a kill.