Greg Oden Regrets Posting Pictures of His Penis on the Internet

January 27, 2010

After a tumultuous 48 hours that the local media in Portland dubbed “Penis-Gate 2010,” Greg Oden ended the saga of his recently released nudie pics to a confused and somewhat aroused group of reporters.

For those of you who haven’t been following the oddly homoerotic saga, here’s the gist of it:

18 months ago, Oden took a few snapshots of his genits to send to his girlfriend (instead of practicing or avoiding becoming the single biggest bust since Kwame Brown or NBC’s Knight Rider remake).

Yesterday, these photos were leaked pretty much all over the Internet.

Later in the day, Oden’s people tried to have them all taken down.

It failed.

So today, Oden apologized for the embarrassment the photos caused, explained that he trusted the wrong people, and noted that Portland really should have drafted Kevin Durant back in 2007. (Okay, the last one wasn’t true - but how awesome would a Brandon Roy - Kevin Durant duo be?)

The best moment in the whole saga, though, came when a female reporter asked how Oden felt about everyone being “impressed” with the size of his junk. In the world of awkward questions from journalists this one ranks somewhere between “Seriously, Mr. Odom – you know you can do better, right?” and “Wait, Leinart – you’re still on this team?”

Source: Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images