The 10 Best #RepoGames Fan Tweets From The Premiere Episode

April 27, 2011

We all know now after last night’s premiere episodes that Repo Games is wildly entertaining. But who makes watching it twice as entertaining? You guys! Check out last night's best tweets from fans of #RepoGames on Twitter below, then be sure to tweet along during the re-air of the first two episodes tonight at 11/10c.

@mylathelawyer: #repogames the best new show on tv. I can't look away!!!!! I almost peed myself from laughing.

@PRL77: How is it possible that you still owe money on a 1997 Buick LeSabre in 2011? #spiketv #repogames #youcanfinancea14yearoldcar?

@tjb_vtr5: Twisted game show. Eat your heart out #OperationRepo! @GetGlue #RepoGames

@MoniqueYvette: Light skinned from #RepoGames is hot!! I might have 2 stop paying my note just 2 meet him!!! Jk...I don't have a note...

@hsiawen: My new guilty pleasure. #RepoGames

@BobertBrannan: What i learned on #RepoGames "Luke Skywalker was trained by Luda" and Leaves of three let it be is "poison ivory" #PeopleAreIdiots

@jackedUPlife: nvr enjoyed a new show so much #repogames @SPIKE_TV gr8 fresh take on a every day happening!

@krysHELLAgoes: b****. France is not a state. #repogames

@ssutherland_1: watching #RepoGames.... people on this show are trifeeeeeeee chick was just crip walkin with one shoe on, after she won her haggard van back

(And for expressing exactly what we were all thinking:)

@IMELegend: #repogames wtf...hahahahahaha lmmfao...

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