Mantenna - Thursday, August 20

August 20, 2009

Quentin Tarantino shows off his Inglorious Basterds dildo prank, A Yellow Submarine movie remake is in the works, and 12 celebrities doing sexy dances on film...Mantenna for the win!

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Tarantino's Inglorious Basterds Dildo Prank

Quentin Tarantino kept things jolly on the set of Inglorious Basterds by playing a practical joke on cast members who fell asleep on set. The famed director would whip out a large purple dildo, nicknamed "Big Jerry," and photograph the sleeping star with the dildo by their head. He would then post the photograph on a daily "Board of Shame." Actors posted on the board include Brad Pitt, Gedeon Burkhard, and Diane Kruger. [Chron]

Man Buys Ridiculously Expensive Sex Toy

A Saudi Arabian businessman has paid $50,000 for an 18-carat, diamond-encrusted adult sex toy. The expensive penis enlarger contains 40 diamonds and was manufactured with the help of a jeweler. The makers of the toy said the expensive version was created because the businessman is allergic to the normal stainless steel material found in most products. [Metro]

12 Celebrities Doing Sexy Dances on Film

Let's face it, pretty much any straight dude is a fan of a sexy woman strutting her stuff, whether it's on the dance floor or (if you're lucky) in the strip club. So when a famous female celebrity does it, it's all the better. Our buddies over at Uncoached have rounded up the best of these moments from some of our favorite movies. From Demi Moore to Keira Knightley, it's all here for your ogling pleasure. [Uncoached]

Battle of the TV Moms

Nadya Suleman, a.k.a Octomom, appeared on television last night in the Fox documentary special Octomom: The Incredible Unseen Footage. This is the first step towards getting her own reality show and the mother of 14 used the opportunity to attack Kate Gosselin, the mother of eight who appears in her own reality show Jon and Kate Plus 8. Nadya is quoted as saying she has a better body shape than Kate, that plastic surgery is cheating, and that Kate is an attention seeker. Ouch! [The Superficial]

Aerosmith Band Members are Really Pissed at Steven Tyler


Source: Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

Aerosmith isn't going to break up, but they're reportedly going on strike until Steven Tyler sobers up. "Truthfully, he's a liability for the band," one source close to the band said. "He's uninsurable because of all the accidents and cancelled dates." Tyler has apparently fallen off the wagon again and was partying pretty hard at the 69th Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in South Dakota where he fell off the stage during a show. Sources have said that Steven has yet to contact his bandmates since his fall a few weeks back. Sounds like rock ‘n' roll is still alive, but it's moving a little slower than usual. [Boston Herald]

Beatles' Yellow Submarine Remake in the Works

It's being reported that Robert Zemeckis is in negotiations to direct a remake of Yellow Submarine for Disney. Like all of Zemeckis' recent productions, the film would be done in performance capture and would also be a digital 3-D endeavor. Disney had no comment on the dealmaking of trying to acquire the rights to the music for the film. This could be sweet. [Billboard]

AT&T Says They Can't Protect You From Hackers

AT&T is dropping famed hacker-turned-security-expert Kevin Mitnick as a customer because it can't seem to stop script kiddies from stealing his data. "They can't seem to secure my account," Mitnick told The Register. "And then instead of doing something about it, they try to kill the messenger and want to boot me off their network when all I want them to do is to secure my account so no one gets access to my phone records." AT&T responded by saying they "offered to let him out of his contractual obligations so that he could find a carrier that he would be comfortable with." Good to see that the security of their customer's data is at the top of their priority list. [Boing Boing]

Open Source Textbooks Take Universities by Storm

Flat World Knowledge, the leading publisher of commercial open source college textbooks, today reported a dramatic increase in the number of colleges and classrooms adopting its textbooks. This fall semester, over 40,000 college students at more than 400 colleges will utilize Flat World textbooks, up from only 1,000 in Spring 2009 at 30 colleges. The increased adoption of Flat World's free and low-cost open source textbooks follows two semesters of successful in-classroom trials. During Spring 2009 trials, Flat World textbooks were shown to reduce average textbook costs to only $18 per student per class, an 82 percent cost reduction compared to traditional printed textbooks, which average $100 per student per class. [Wired]

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