Feet Are the Same Thing as Brakes, Right?

August 19, 2011
Your brakes failing is pretty freaking scary. The proper technique is to turn your engine off immediately, get your foot off the gas, throw the emergency brake, and try to pull off the road. This guy does not know that technique.

Actually, it's a bit worse than that: he knew his truck's brakes were toast and he tried to drive home anyway. Either he had a death wish, or just thought he had really tough shoes, because he tried to use his feet as brakes.

Amazingly...it worked. In fact, it worked twice. It just so happens that this guy is a total idiot: after he'd stopped the out of control truck not once, but twice, and after dinging up a bunch of cars and blowing through a few red lights, he still sped up to 40 mph.

Shockingly, once he was arrested by the police, it was found that his driver's license had been suspended and he shouldn't even have been on the road. He's awaiting trial for reckless driving, although finding a jury might be a problem since this video hit the Internet. Maybe he can pay for his trial with shoe endorsements?

Source: Associated Press