Deadliest Warrior season 2 warriors

July 31, 2009

Several warrior types and some of their weapons that I believe could possibly be considered for the next season of Deadliest Warrior.

1. Aztec: (Eagle, Jaguar, warrior order doesn't really matter at this point)


Long Range: Atlatl (Spear Thrower)

Mid Range: Tepoztopilli (Obsidian Bladed spear)

Close Range: Macuahuitl (Obsidian Bladed club)

Special Weapon: Dart Thrower?

Armor: Ichcahuipilli (Quilted cotton Armor)

(For a demonstration of the Macuahuitls cutting power go to

2. Ancient Egyptian:


Long Range: Composite Bow

Mid Range: Egyptian Battle Axe

Close Range: Khopesh

Special Weapon: Battle Mace


3. Roman Centurion:


Long (or possibly mid) range: Pilum

Close Range: Gladius

Special Weapon: Scutum (shield)

Armor: Metal strips with helmet (steel)


4. American Outlaw Cowboy:


Long Range: Winchester model 1876 (or another rifle to that effect)

Mid Range: Colt Single Action Army

Close Range: Bowie Knife

Special Weapon: Dynamite


5. Kshatriya: (Warrior Caste of Indian Subcontinent)


Long Range: Bow and Arrow

Mid Range: Urumi (Flexible metal whip)

Close Range: Khanda or Talwar (2 different Indian swords, couldn't decide)

Special Weapon: 2 Katar (Short Punching Swords)

Armor: Chainmail (I think)


6. Historical Phillipine Warrior:


Long Range: Blow gun/ Sling Shot/ Bow and Arrow (pick one)

Mid Range: Barbed Fighting Spear (Falfeg)

Close Range:Bagobo or Batanga sword

Special Weapon: Buntot Pagi (Stingray Tail Whip)


7. Historical Fijian Warrior:


Long Range: Fijian Throwing Club

Mid Range: Fish Hook Spear

Close Range: Fijian Gunstock War Club

Special Weapon: Paddle Blade (Canoe Paddle with sharpened edge)


8. Mongolian Warrior:


Long Range: Re-Curved Bow

Mid Range: Mongolian Lance

Close Range: Scimitar

Special Weapon: Lasso?

Amor: Leather with silk underwear


9. Historical Chinese Soldier:


Long Range: Bow?

Mid Range: Guandao (Crescent Blade)

Close Range: Dao sword

Special Weapon: Chinese War Hammer

Armor: Scalemail?


10. Thracian Warrior:


Long Range: Javelin

Mid Range: Two-Handed Falx

Close Range: Single Handed Rhomphaia

Special Weapon: Uncertain


11. Incan Warrior:


Long Range: Sling

Mid Range: Incan Battle Axe (Stone, Copper, or Jade)

Close Range: Incan War Dagger

Special Weapon: Truncheon (Club with stone or copper star on the end)


12. Musketeer:


Long Range: Wheel Lock Musket

Mid Range: Pike

Close Range: Rapier

Special Weapon: Buckler Shield

Armor: Possible Steel Half Plate


13. Boer Commando


Long Range: Mauser Rifle

Mid Range: Mauser C96 Broom Handle

Close Range: Bayonet or some other typr of knife

Special Weapon: Uncertain


14. Israel Special Forces


Long Range: IMI Tavor

Mid Range: Jericho 941

Close Range: Combat Knife

Special Weapon: Corner Shot


15. Janissary:

Long Range: Musket

Mid Range: Ottomon Battle Axe

Close Range: Scimitar or Shamshir

Special Weapon: Early Grenade or Hand Cannon


16. S.W.A.T Team: (Based on area where I live)


Long Range: M16A2 (with attached M203 launcher optional)

Mid Range: MP5

Close Range: ASP Expandable Baton

Special Weapon: Flash Bang or Tear Gas Grenade


17. Historical Indonesian Warrior:


Long Range: Bow/ Blow Gun

Mid Range: Arbir (couldn't find a pic of it online, only descriptions)

Close Range: Kris

Special Weapon: Kujang


18. Historical Korean Warrior:


Long Range: Korean War Bow (Gung Si)

Mid Range: Do Kki (Battle Axe)

Close Range: Gum (Sword, comes in a variety, Straight (Jung, Inverted (Yuk), Dual Long (Jang Ssang), and (Dan Sang) Short)

Special Weapon: Bu Chae (War Fan)


19. Vercingetorix (Gallic Warriors)


Long Range: Gallic Bow or Javelin

Mid Range: Two-Handed Broad Sword

Close Range: War Dagger or Short Spear

Special Weapon: Large War Shield


20. South African Special Forces Brigade


Long Range: R4 Assault Rifle

Mid Range: Star 9mm pistol

Close Range: Knife

Special Weapon: MGL Mk 1 grenade launcher


21. LTTE Black Tigers


Type 81 Assault Rifle

SA 7 Missle Launcher

Anti Personnel Mine

Sri Lankan Fighting Knife


22. Ghatak (India Special Combat Force)


Insas Rifle

Shivalik Grenade

Vidhwansak sniper rifle

Browning GP 35 Pistol


23. Napalese Gurkha (Time Period of 19th century)


Long Range: Martini-Henry Rifle

Close Range: Kukri

Mid Range: Webley Mk 4 revolver

Special Weapon: Army sabre or some type of portable bomb


24. Interahamwe:


G3 assault Rifle


Tokarev TT33 pistol

RGD 33 grenade


25. PLA Special Operations Forces


QBZ-95 Assault Rifle

QSZ-92 Pistol

QBU 88 Sniper Rifle

Type 90 Grenade


26. Roman Era Germanian Warrior


Long Range: Bow

Mid Range: War Spear

Close Range: Germanic double sided axe

Special Weapon: Throwing Axe


27. Phillipine Scout (WW2)


M1 Garand rifle

Bolo Machete

M3A1 Grease gun

Pineapple grenade


28. Imperial Japanese Soldier (WW2)


Long Range: Arisaka 99

Close Range: Bayonet or Katana sabre

Mid Range: Nambu Type 14 Pistol

Special Weapon: Type 97 Grenade


29. British S.A.S


L85A2 rifle

P226 pistol

HE grenade

Accuracy International AWM Sniper Rifle


30. Abu Sayaff


M16A1 Rifle

Semtex bomb


Most likely another variation of the Bolo


31. Mayan Warrior


Long Range: Mayan Atlatl

Close Range: Mayan Stone Axe

Mid Range: Obsidian Bladed Club (looks more like a type of obsidian axe than the straight paddle version of the Aztecs)

Special Weapon: Mayan Blowgun (Darts tipped with poison from the dart frog)


Confirmed Warriors (Almost, these warriors are actively being sought by deadliest warrior crew for the next season)

1. Aztec Jaguar Warrior

2. Zande/ Azande Warrior

3. Persian Immortals

4. Celtic/ Gaulic Warrior

5. Vietcong Soldiers

6. Wafen SS shock troops

7. Comanche Native American Warrior

8. Mongol Warrior

9. Medellin Cartel

10. Somalian Pirates

11. KGB Rusian intelligeance expert

12. CIA Civil Intelligence expert




So that is my list of thoughts, If there is another warrior type in mind that is not mentioned, comment and I'll see if I can do some digging for weapons and armor.