Mantenna - Friday, April 16

April 16, 2010

Spencer Pratt slams one of his co-stars, Amanda Seyfried has some choice words for the Hollywood establishment, and a telltale sign that a new iPhone is on its way...if it's good enough for the goose, it's good enough for the Mantenna.

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Spencer Pratt Slams Audrina and JWwow’s Plastic Surgery

Spencer Pratt, the husband of surgically enhanced reality television star Heidi Montag, has thrown the first punch in a reality TV star plastic surgery-off. Snarky Pratt recently took to Twitter and slammed the breast implants of fellow Hills cast member Audrina Patridge and Jersey Shore’s JWwow. Regarding Audrina, he tweeted, "Audrina - Don't hate because your nasty Tijuana plastic surgery got you no press... and my wife is #1 story on people - 5 days in a row!" Then he attacked Jwwow, saying, "Jwow got her boobies done in the back of the situations strip club - fyi." Pratt then hypes his wife’s American silicone, tweeting, “So glad my wife gets her surgery in bev hills and not where Jwow and audrina go. We love american doctors!" [Twitter]

Amanda Seyfried Thinks Hollywood is F***ed Up

Amanda Seyfried thinks it sucks that Hollywood is so weight-obsessed. In a recent interview, the actress talks about how she has to work out incredibly hard to keep the weight off and be able to eat what she wants. She tells AOL’s StyleList, “"I have to stay in shape because I'm an actress. It's f***ed up and it's twisted, but I wouldn't get the roles otherwise. If I'd been bigger, I don't think they would have cast me for Mamma Mia!" Seyfried says she stays in good shape by doing “a hell of a lot of work.” Amanda, keep doing what you’re doing. [Us]

Nicolas Cage Buys Pyramid Tomb

Compounding the belief that Nicolas Cage is a strange, strange man, the actor has purchased a nine-foot pyramid-shaped super-tomb in New Orleans. It is expected that the tomb will be Cage’s final resting place. The strangely shaped tomb is said to be a reference to his hit film National Treasure. The cost of the tomb is unknown, but it doesn’t look like it came cheap. No wonder this guy has money troubles. [TMZ]

Kim Kardashian Picks Up Paris Hilton's Leftovers

After Reggie Bush decided that "not marrying her" was his best post-Super Bowl move, Kim Kardashian has decided that picking one of Paris Hilton's many ex-lovers for some revenge sex was the best way to taunt the New Orleans Saints star (and possibly contract a disease). The beau in question, soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo, has been romantically linked to Kardashian over the past few days. The Portugal striker has previously been linked to dozens of other stars, and is presumably happy to add yet another trophy to his already impressive case. [The Big Lead]

Mighty Mouse Movie Finally a Reality

Anybody who loves rodents, 1980s cartoons, and superhero movies with relatively low amount of curse words better get excited. Paramount has announced that they are searching for a writer and director to put together a big screen adaptation for Mighty Mouse. The film has yet to officially get the green light, but with the success of Alvin and the Chipmunks (a similar franchise), executives are reportedly excited about the possibilities. [Los Angeles Times]

Woman Falls Off Wii Fit and Becomes a Nympho

A 24-year-old U.K. woman is claiming that an injury caused by her Wii Fit has turned her into a raging nymphomaniac. Amanda Flowers was playing with her Wii Fit one day when she fell off of her board. The fall pinched a nerve that triggered a disorder that doctor’s call “persistent sexual arousal syndrome.” You may know it as extreme horniness. Looks like it might be time to buy some Nintendo stock! [Daily Star]

AT&T Blocks All June Vacation for Employees for iPhone Launch

Source: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

AT&T is telling employees not to take vacation in June, according to Boy Genius Report. You know what that means: iPhone 4 is right on schedule. It appears the only time AT&T schedules these kinds of mandatory work periods is to accommodate the increased traffic associated with iPhone launches. And while there had been some rumors about an April release, the smart money (and historical precedent) has always pointed to mid-June/early July. Time to figure out how that vague upgrade eligibility program works again. [Boy Genius Report]

Volcano Forces Coachella Cancellations

It's pretty incredible that a volcano in Iceland could have any effect on a music festival in Southern California, but that's a problem that Coachella is facing this weekend. Volcanic ash from a series of eruptions under Iceland's Eyjafjallajökull glacier has been spreading across European airspace for the past two days, forcing European airports to cancel a huge number of flights. That's bad news for many of the Euro bands booked for Coachella and for the fans hoping to see them. At the moment, the list of bands who won't make it out to the festival includes the Cribs, Frightened Rabbit, and Bad Lieutenant. But don't worry Coachella-goers, you'll still get your 300 bucks worth: there's still about fifty more bands you've never heard of performing, and another dozen you don't really care about seeing anyway. Besides, this'll give you more time to wait in line to buy water. [New York Times]

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