Mantenna - Tuesday, December 2

December 2, 2008

Playboy uncovers the world's hottest bloggers, James Cameron talks about what's wrong with 3D movies and Axl's pissed at Dr. Pepper...all that and more after the jump in today's Mantenna!

The Internet’s Hottest Bloggers

Playboy has put together a list of the hottest bloggers and video bloggers on the World Wide Web. They have managed to whittle it down to 9 sexy, smart, web-savvy ladies who they believe are the internet’s most click-worthy women. Included on the list are Xeni Jardin from Boing Boing, Violet Blue from and Amanda Congdon, formerly of Rocketboom and now doing her thing at Sometimes Daily. Be sure to check out the other lovely ladies who made the list. []

Manofest's 10 Hottest Asians

Manofest has the top 10 hottest Asian models.  You racist.  I bet you think they all look the same, huh?   Far from it.  There are some singers, a few dancers, an actress or two, and, of course, a few good old-fashioned porn stars. Think Asians with big boobs are a myth? Think again after enjoying this collection of strange treats from the Orient. []

James Cameron Talks 3D


James Cameron gave a presentation at the 3D Entertainment Summit, discussing ways in which it could become a mainstream method of filmmaking. He stated that “3D has to be content driven,” as opposed to simply using it as a gimmicky audience grabber. He also managed to get a few digs in at fellow filmmakers. He criticized Tim Burton’s decision to make the upcoming Alice in Wonderland 3D after production, instead of incorporating the format into the shoot. He also complained about 3D DVDs that come with 3D glasses, saying that it’s “stunting 3D growth.” What he didn’t do, however, was show anybody a single frame of Avatar. Luckily it’s only 12 months away from completion... []

Zookeepers Set up Girl-on-Girl Action

Japanese zookeepers in Tokyo have been having such a hard time getting their polar bears to breed.  However, recently they’ve made a giant leap forward in figuring out the mechanics of the whole thing.  Somebody must’ve bought them the “What’s Happening to My Body Book for Boys” because they just learned that two girls can’t reproduce (even if they can totally have awesome sex).  Now they are confused, like many of us were, by the whole thing.  "I have mixed feelings considering the need for breeding," said Yoshio Yamaguchi, head of the zoo. [CNN]

The Future of Airport Security is Mind Reading

Omer Laviv, CEO of an Israeli-based security company, thinks we need to change the way we do airport security.  No longer shall we disrobe as clumsily as we did on Junior Prom night to have our belt buckles scanned.  No, the future of airport security calls for a much more intrusive form of investigation: mind reading. CNN says the “focus is shifting from analyzing the content of carry-ons to analyzing the content of passengers' intentions and emotions.” Laviv says, “This 'brain-fingerprinting,'…is much more developed than we think." [CNN]

My Penis and Me: BFFL

What if you could have a conversation with your penis?  What would its name be (for me: Mr. Pilkington)? Would your penis do immoral things?  What would its opinion on Gregory Hines be? Why not watch the video to see this hypothetical scenario play out. [Atom]

Axl Rose Sues Dr. Pepper


Dr. Pepper has run into a legal battle with Axl Rose, who is claiming its recent Guns N' Roses-themed promotion was an unauthorized use of the band's brand. The company took a risk earlier this year when it offered a free can of soda to everyone in the US if Guns N' Roses delivered their long-awaited album Chinese Democracy before the end of 2008. When the album emerged, the company announced people would have to get their free can by registering their details on its website, which repeatedly crashed over the 48 hours it was up. Burn. [Pitchfork]

GM to Chop Off Limbs to Save Host Body

Today GM submitted to Congress its ambitious plan to save itself - with the help of your tax dollars. First and foremost – ditch the losers. First on the chopping block? Saab – sold off. Hummer? Sold off. Saturn? Sold or killed off. GM would also like to reduce Pontiac to a “niche” brand (like it wasn’t already) and reduce the number of nationwide dealerships from about 6,500 to 4,500. Lastly, they want to focus on their “core” brands – namely Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC and Buick. Oh, and they want to fire about thirty thousand people. Good times. You have to wonder though – if it took GM a week to create a plan that makes sense, why weren’t they doing this stuff in the first place? [Autoblog]

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