Eagles Successfully Get Older and Slower By Signing Jeff Garcia

September 14, 2009

In between his daily trip to Denny’s and an audition for So You Think You Can Dance, Philadelphia Eagles Head Coach Andy Reid has decided to bring back Jeff Garcia to help fill the void of recently injured starting quarterback Donovan McNabb.

Fresh off a six-month stint with the Oakland Raiders (where he was cut in order to make room for the Bruce Gradkowski), Garcia re-enters the Eagles’ line-up after going 5-1 filling in for McNabb in 2006, which led to a quarterback controversy that nearly imploded the team’s locker room. But that probably won’t happen again…

For those keeping score at home, this now leaves the Eagles with a quarterbacking core that includes a San Jose State grad who played college football before the internet was invented, a guy who lists “getting injured” and “poor decision making” under the special skills section of his resume, a convicted felon fresh out of prison, and Kevin Kolb.

Sounds more like a sitcom than a team that prides itself on losing in conference championships. Should be an interesting year for the Eagles.

Source: Drew Hallowell/Getty Images