Trent Reznor Pwns Apple App Store

May 7, 2009

First, NIN front man Trent Reznor came up with a brilliant iPhone app.  Then, Apple nixed it via their hypocritical and seemingly arbitrary approval process.  Hit the jump to find out what happened next. 

The app was always awesome, but then Apple rejected it because it gave you access to something you could get through iTunes anyway.  Reznor lashed back at Apple on his blog, and his rabid fan base actually pushed the computing giant to the point of a policy change. 

As of today, the NIN iPhone application has been approved for the app store, even though there were no changes made to the original application whatsoever.  Trent Reznor just slapped Apple in the face and they backed the eff down.  Pwned like a n00b.  

Source: Catherine McGann/Hulton Archive/Getty Images