Hurts Like Hell Recap

November 12, 2008

Get all the details and fight recap from the 100th episode of The Ultimate Fighter. Don't forget to check out the extended footage at the end, exclusively on!

Recapping last week's fight, Junie said Kaplan's plan of standing there and getting punched in the face "works out pretty good when you're good at taking punches to the face." 

It's tough to tell if he's being serious or if he's using that satire stuff that everyone is all excited about these days, but something tells me he wasn't joking. Apparently he didn't really learn much from his fight with Delgado.

Kaplan is understandably pretty upset about his loss to Nover, so heads home to drown his sorrows in the bottle. Finally, an activity I can understand. It doesn't even involve pee or any other bodily fluids.

Anyway, despite getting TKOed in the 1st round, Kaplan is convinced that he has an iron jaw and cannot be knock out, so he goads Tom Lawlor into cracking him a good one right on the button. Kaplan drops like a rock.

This week's fight was no secret, but Team Mir and Nogueira go through the official selection process anyway and announce that Kyle Kingsbury will butt heads with Team Mir favorite Krzysztof Soszynski. I guess Dana is a stickler for structure.

The piss wars seem to have come to a screeching halt, and in the absence of a good game of swords, the guys need to figure out new ways to entertain themselves. Thankfully, they've opted to take a more hygienic route this week. First off, the Red Team stuffed Krzy's bed into his closet and filled any remaining space with toilet paper. Then they went through the house and grabbed whatever they could pick up and moved it into Krzy's room.

Not quite the shock value of a spunk roll, but I'm just glad to see no one is eating semen.

Back at the gym, Krzysztof's regular coach Dan Henderson stops by to help him gear up for the big fight. This has to be a serious motivator. Henderson is the kind of guy that can bring mortals to tears just by looking at them.

Sidebar: In the car ride back to the house, the guys are talking technique and Kaplan asks Krzy "which one is a kimura?" Interesting.

It's time now for the first coach's challenge and it turns up to be soccer. Off the bat, Frank Mir is pissed because he thinks Nogueira will be awesome at futbol. C'mon, I thought we'd moved past that kind of racial profiling.

The Read Team comes out with a victory. Obviously, a Brazilian would never lose to an Americna at soccer. So each fighter gets $1,000 and Minotauro clears a cool 10 G's for himself. The team heads back to the pool to celebrate their win with a good old fashioned game of homoerotic poolsketball.

Krzysztof finds what the Blue Team has left in his room and gets up at 2am to plan his revenge. You have to appreciate the man's desire to defend himself, but with the most important fight of his life coming up in just two days, I think his priorities might be out of whack. He decides to move everything from the house onto the basketball court in the backyard. Not bad.

Just before the fight, Frank Mir is doing a lot of talking about all of Krzysztof's great attributes. Apparently, he hasn't learned much from his past losses either.

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