Ton And Allen Aim For The Green

May 27, 2012
The boys headed to Panorama City this week, hoping to make big bank. This isn't just any regular city though: it's a hotbed for professional auction hunters like Ton and Allen, so that means the competition was a handful. The real question is, however, did our heroes come out of the city with fistfuls of cash? Let's find out about the epic journey that took place this week:


Sold For: $2,200

The day wasn't over just yet – there was still one more unit to clean out – the "Tools" Unit, to be precise. Cleaning machines were the first finds the Auction Hunters pulled out of here, but soon they dragged out an antique rifle that just made Ton's day. Heck, he hadn't even seen such a weapon before, so he knew it meant money. When you think of Sweden you're probably thinking of models, meatballs, and one gigantic furniture store we all know about – but the last thing that's on your mind is rifles, right? That's fine, because when the boys met with Joe, a local firearms expert, he introduced everyone to the 1855 kammerlader Swedish rifle. This antique fetched Ton and Allen $2,200 and ended their trip to Panorama City with a "bang."

Overall it was a pretty awesome week for the Auction Hunters. Their two storage units may have run them $1,950, but they came out winners when they sold the items inside for $10,050 and had an apocalyptic profit of $8,100. There's nothing like golf and guns on a beautiful afternoon, is there?

How fun can a golf ball retriever possibly be? Let Mr. Allen Haff show you! Check out this week's episode, "Allen's Got Balls," now available online on for your viewing pleasure. For all the latest news and updates head on over to the official Auction Hunters Facebook page (and don't forget to take part in the weekly Facebook matchups that are posted!). Lastly, remember to tune-in to all-new episodes of Auction Hunters on Wednesdays at 9/8c on SPIKE. See you soon!