The Top 10 Trainwrecks of 2008

December 30, 2008

A celebrity living a disastrous, destructive and out of control life is morbidly fascinating. You know it’s wrong to be entertained by their self destruction, but for some reason you can’t help it. This year has been full of famous females whose lives have spiraled out of control. They've been arrested, spent time in rehab, made mistakes, hit rock bottom and become human trainwrecks.

By Nick Coles

The following article does not represent the opinions of Spike TV or its affiliates.


10. Mischa Barton


Mischa Barton started the year facing court for a DUI, possession of illegal narcotics, and driving without a license. She was sentenced to three years of unsupervised probation. The rest of her year wasn’t much better. With a career in free fall, the only way she could garner any attention was by taking her top off in front of a camera. She did this in Closing the Ring. It didn’t work. The press was much more interested in her numerous wardrobe malfunctions and cottage cheese legs. She thought the criticism was unwarranted, but no one cared.

9. Aubrey O'Day


Aubrey O’Day of the manufactured girl group Danity Kane has had a tumultuous year. She was booted out of the P. Diddy-created group in the season finale of Making the Band 4. Desperate for attention and her next paycheck, she posed topless for some lad mags in poses that can only be described as trashy and degrading. Still desperate for attention she recently adopted the latest Hollywood trend and outed herself as a lesbian. This is one girl to watch in 2009.

8. Heidi Montag


Heidi Montag is an attention whore. She will do anything to get her photo online or in a magazine. This year she tried to start a music career and released "Higher," quite possibly the worst single of all time. In November she married her longtime boyfriend and reality show co-star Spencer Pratt in a quickie ceremony in Mexico. Heidi’s mom was not happy and said it was the biggest mistake Heidi has ever made. When your mom isn’t even a fan, you know you’re in trouble.

7. Tatum O'Neil


For a long time Tatum O’Neil had been a survivor. The Academy Award-winning child star has a long history of problems, including drug addiction. Of late she has made a comeback, appearing on Dancing with the Stars and playing a recurring role on Rescue Me. In the middle of this she was arrested trying to buy cocaine and crack. The actress said she was researching a part and has been clean for two years. Hmmm, right.

6. Madonna


Madonna had a horrible year.  In 2008 she was criticized for looking haggard, skeletal and decidedly unfeminine. She released another album, Hard Candy, which only produced one hit single. Her marriage of 10 years to director Guy Ritchie ended in a bitter divorce. In divorce proceedings it was revealed that Guy was contractually obligated to have sex, along with a whole bunch of other weirdness. To top it all off, Guy referred to her as “Granny.” Ouch!

5. Tara Reid


Poor Tara Reid can’t catch a break. The once bubbly star of American Pie ends the year checking into rehab for some type of addiction. The 34-year-old spent the year moping about in a bikini, looking saggy, downtrodden and depressed.

4. Janet Jackson


Janet Jackson hit rock bottom this year. Her latest album Discipline tanked and she suffered a series of health problems. She also piled on the pounds and resembled the Michelin Man at her recent "Rock Witchu" tour. She had to cancel several concerts due to a bout of “migraine-associated vertigo, which is characterized by dizziness, imbalance and other symptoms.” Sounds more like a chemical problem to me.

3. Heather Locklear


Heather Locklear had a tough year. The recently single 47-year-old spent the summer in an Arizona rehab facility to get treatment for anxiety and depression. It obviously didn’t work. By September she was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of a controlled substance. She was charged with a misdemeanor DUI and is due back in court early next year. Heather says she is looking forward to 2009, and who can blame her?

2. Amy Winehouse


Amy Winehouse is hurtling out of control. The singer with the soulful voice spent the year in and out of rehab, babbling incoherently, getting arrested, thrashing out at the media, getting drunk, wearing diapers, visiting her new husband in jail, smoking crack, wandering around aimlessly in her underwear and turning up with mysterious cuts on her face. Yikes! Here’s hoping she makes it through 2009.

1. Sarah Palin


The Governor of Alaska was thrust into the national spotlight when John McCain tapped her to be his running mate. The self-confessed hockey mom was sassy, sexy and an immediate hit. Then she imploded, derailing as quickly as she rose. Her major foreign policy experience was that she could see Russia from her house. She was unable to name a newspaper she reads, could not name a Supreme Court ruling she disagreed with and did not know what the Bush Doctrine was. It was uncomfortable, embarrassing and entertaining seeing her crumble...but like any trainwreck, it was impossible not to watch.