Drunk Boob Flasher Causes Crash

December 18, 2009

A New Zealand woman who drunkenly flashed her breasts to passing cars has literally stopped traffic.

Cherelle Dudfield had been out for few drinks with friends when, feeling tipsy, she decided to flash her breasts to oncoming traffic. The 18-year-old ventured out to the middle of a road in the tiny town Invercargill, stood on the center white line, lifted her top, and flashed her naked breasts. She showed off her funbags to several cars and retreated. At the urging of friends she headed out again, though this time she caused an accident. The blonde was hit by a car that had been distracted by her bare breasts.

Dudfiled says, “And then I saw a car coming towards me, on the middle of the centre lane driving up towards me, so I decided to run. And then I got hit.”

According to reports, Dudfield “rolled over the bonnet, and cracked the windscreen, but luckily was not hurt.” The cheeky teenager miraculously walked away, however she didn’t walk away scot-free. Police later fined her $200.

Source: C. Uncle/FilmMagic/Getty Images