Apocalypse Alert: Miley Records Lennon's Imagine

April 7, 2009

Miley Cyrus has officially recorded a cover version of John Lennon’s utopian pop classic “Imagine.” The world will end in 3...2...1…

Miley and her Hannah Montana: The Movie co-star Emily Osment recently hit the studio for a duet after hammin' it up over the Beatles legend during the shooting of the film.

Cyrus told Moviefone.com that she’s “just a huge John Lennon fan” and that she “studied him in school and just watched the movie Chapter 27.” That was deep.

From Contact Music:

I don't think the music you produce has to be the music you listen to. I like singing pop music, and I like dancing. And you can't really dance a lot to rock and roll. I like Nirvana. I really like Radiohead. I really love the Beatles.

Ms. Cyrus hasn’t disclosed if the collaboration will ever be see the light of day, but she insists fans shouldn't be shocked by her broad musical taste.


Source: Christopher Peterson/Getty Images