'Cops On Patrol' Races Onto Your Mobile Device

July 6, 2016
'Cops On Patrol' Races Onto Your Mobile Device

The thin blue that separates order from chaos gets a little thicker today. COPS: ON PATROL places you in the uniform of those officers whose mission is to clean up the streets and jail the bad guys. With the aid of your Andriod or iOS device, you'll earn your badge as you wrangle up wanted criminals and would-be robbers with lead-footed car chases!

Keeping the peace isn't exactly a walk in the park. As a law enforcement officer you'll need to tap into all your gaming skills as you patrol the mean streets, tackling perps, and making sure the law-abiding citizens can rest easy. This feature rich app will have you drifting and swerving though a massive, fully 3D rendered city with simple but intuitive touch controls. With COPS: ON PATROL you are the law!

Download COPS: ON PATROL from the Google App Store or iTunes Store today.

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