Mantenna - Friday, January 23

January 23, 2009

Marisa Miller hits the beach with her bikini, Kanye West denounces bisexual porn rumors, Madden predicts the Super Bowl winner and the 10 greatest moments in celebrity boob jiggling history. Get everything a dude deserves to know in the Mantenna.

Source: Egotastic

Marisa Miller’s Week’s Worth of Bikinis

The incredibly sexy Marisa Miller has spent the week posing on a beach in countless bikinis. She caused quite a stir earlier in the week when she suffered an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction while swimming in the ocean. Every other day this week she’s been photographed looked ridiculously hot and having plenty of fun. [Egotastic]

Cheerleader Showdown

Are the Philadelphia Eagles cheerleaders hotter than the 76ers dancers? Uncoahed heads to the city of brotherly love for their latest NBA vs. NFL Cheerleader Showdown. They look at the pros and cons and provide a bunch of sexy shots. So check out the photographs and decide for yourself which team wins. []

Greatest Moments in Celebrity Boob Jiggles

The boys over at Manofest have scoured the annals of pop culture to bring us an undulating collection of the greatest celebrity boob jiggles on the internet.  There’s Jessica Simpson squirming into a wet suit, Rosario Dawson doing the dance from the song "ABC," Beyonce going completely nuts, and much more.  Get ready to give your pupils a workout. []

Kanye West Denies Porn Story

Kanye West is denying a story that ran in King magazine recently that claimed the hip-hop star wanted to shoot bisexual porn. West says the story is false in a post on his blog: "I HAD THE TWO GREATEST DAYS OF MY LIFE AND WHEN I GET BACK FROM THE LOUIE SHOW I READ SOME S**T CLAIMING I SAID I'M DOWN TO DO PORN AND SOME BISEXUAL PORN!!!! I CAN'T BELIEVE THE AVN WOULD POST...," [MTV News]

Katy Perry Would Rather Die Than Be Celibate

This past month, sexy pop star Katy Perry was insisting that she was taking a self-imposed sex ban and planned to steer clear of men in 2009 following her split for Gym Class Heroes dork Travis McCoy. She said that she had taken “a vow of celibacy this year.” However, she’s now taken back her promise. Katy stated: “I am not going to be celibate. That was a joke! Please! Celibacy for the whole year? I’d rather die.” [The Sun]

Nation Good at Partying, Bad at Math

Bush spent one-fourth of what Obama spent on his inauguration and we hate him for it. If you take a look at the headlines from Bush’s inauguration in 2004, they are less than laudatory (it means "nice").  The Associated Press – and pretty much everybody else – rips him up for spending $40 million on his inauguration during those tough economic times.  Now, if you look at the headlines for Obama’s inauguration, they’re a little friendlier.  There is an element of hope and rebirth to many of them.  The price tag for this year’s inauguration was over 4 times what Bush spent: $170 million. [ABC News]

The Pope Gets a YouTube Channel

The Pope has his own YouTube channel!  Holy moly.  Er, can we say that?  Well, gadzooks!  It seems like everybody – from your mom, to our President, to the Pope – is getting on the internet machine to surf the YouTubes these days. Why is the Pope doing this? He says it’s a “gift to humanity.”  Thanks, Pope!  And we didn’t get you anything!  Can you buy Target gift cards online? [Wired News]

Madden NFL 09 Predicts Super Bowl Champ

Electronic Arts has run a simulation using this year's incarnation of Madden Football to give a prediction of who might win the Super Bowl. We're not going to ruin the winner for you.  If you're wondering how accurate this type of prediction is, let us tell you.  Since 2004, the EA Madden prediction has only been wrong once. Last year it predicted the Patriots, but who didn't?  So our money is on Madden. [GameTrailers]

Fincher Takes a Blow to Torso

Director David Fincher of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button has had his ego put in check when Paramount didn’t renew the rights to Torso, a graphic novel he was hoping to adapt to the screen as his next project. Torso is based on a serial killer who murdered many people in the mid to late ‘30s, and has long been Fincher’s next pet project. Just goes to show that in a bad economy it doesn’t matter who you are, getting a movie made is always an up-hill battle. Which isn’t to say Torso won’t get made, it just means it’s probably not getting made at Paramount with Fincher. []

Study Finds Hummers Are the Most Ticketed Vehicles


Source: GM

The annual nationwide study of 1.7 million vehicles receiving traffic code violations by ISO Quality Planning in California, reveals Hummer H2s and H3s sit atop the list of most ticketed vehicles, with basically the entire line of Scions not far behind. Interestingly, the Chevrolet Suburban, which is basically a stripped down H2, was among the least ticketed vehicles in the nation. Of course, the Suburban is more likely to be driven by law-abiding soccer moms than wannabe hip hop moguls, so perhaps the vehicle itself isn't really the issue here. [KCRA Sacramento]

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