Julia Roberts Really Does Have a Big Mouth

May 11, 2009

Julia Roberts didn't have much to do on April 27th, so she decided to attend the Film Society of Lincoln Center's Roast of Tom Hanks. Usually these kinds of things consist of a few well-placed barbs, a funny zinger, and then a toast. But Julia seemed to get nice and toasty herself for this dirty little rant, and she didn't exactly bite her tongue.

Today's Big Thing posted the video of Julia Roberts' apparently drunken roast of Tom Hanks, and she definitely wins for dirtiest movie star mouth of the month. Who knew she had it in her? Well, now we all do. As for Hanks...I suspect he'll leave her off the speech list at his next birthday bash.

All in all, though, I think this reflects well on Roberts. What are movie stars for if they don't provide us a little public nonsense at least once a day?

Source: Mark Von Holden/Getty Images