Britney Fans Fight Back

April 16, 2009

As we all know, Britney Spears recently called a stop to her Circus live show in Vancouver because some audience members were smoking up a storm in the venue. Apparently her crazed fans aren’t gonna take this disrespectful act laying down.

A new website called has been launched for all attendees wanting a refund from Britney Spears for money spent on attending her show in Vancouver. These fans are complaining because Britney stopped her show for close to 40 minutes, leaving all of her fans supposedly “stunned.” 

This group has been formed to allow individuals the ability to have action taken on their behalf. A competent lawyer, well versed on this type of scenario will review complaints and determine if legal action can be taken.

Another big complaint is that Britney herself is a smoker and had a spokesperson come out and tell the audience that the venue was non-smoking and the show would not go on until all cigarettes were extinguished. That’s cold.

These spoiled white chicks don’t mess around!

You can hit the site to complete a form to try to be compensated for money spent in attending Britney Spears' show.

Good luck, ladies.

Source: Exclusive Images-Jeremy Cowart/Getty Images