Yale Student is Dumb as Rocks, Sues Over Xbox

March 11, 2009

What could possibly make a kid sue for $1 million in punitive damages over a video game console? Well, that's exactly what Yale student Jesse Maiman is doing.

Maiman has sued US Airways for $1,700 for a lost gaming system (a first generation Xbox) and is requesting $1 million in punitive damages.

Nevermind that the Xbox is no longer repaired by Microsoft because it’s so old. Unless it’s made of pure gold and includes some kind of hidden clue to a secret American treasure, there’s no way it could come close to even the non-punitive damages he’s asking for.

US Airways spokeswoman (hopefully she went to a state school) said that she was unaware of the suit, but that the government has capped airline liability at $3,300 per bag.

Source: Purestock/Getty Images