Mantenna - Wednesday, March 24

March 24, 2010

Justin Bieber needs his naptime, Chris Evans is the new Captain America, and the Phoenix Coyotes prove that government bailouts work...Mantenna! Hey, Mantenna!

Photo: Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

Justin Bieber is Still a Baby

Teen heartthrob Justin Bieber may be 16, but that doesn’t mean he’s too old for naptime. The teenage singer has admitted to taking frequent naps. Today he tweeted, “Naptime was awesome. Refreshed and ready for the show...what's your favorite song off 2.0??” The naptime comes after his manager was charged by police in relation to a mall stampede in Long Island City last year that stemmed from inaccurate Tweets being sent out to fans. [Huffington Post]

Chris Evans is the New Captain America

Chris Evans, the dude who played Johnny Storm in the Fantastic Four films, has been officially picked as the man who will play Captain America. The movie, titled The First Avenger: Captain America, was announced in 2008 after Marvel Studio's first production, Iron Man, became a box-office smash. Numerous names have been tossed around for the part. Channing Tatum and Garrett Hedlund were reportedly considered and even The Office’s John Krasinski had tested for the part. Congrats, Mr. Evans [Yahoo]

Kelly Osbourne Fractures Elbow During Dog Fight

Photo: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Ozzy’s little girl Kelly Osbourne is apparently recovering after a dog fight left her with a fractured elbow. Osbourne revealed what happened in a Twitter post to followers, calling the mishap "hands down the most painful injury." She Tweeted: "I was trying to stop the dogs from fighting at my mums and managed to fracture my radial head!" [Twitter]

Phoenix Coyotes Prove that Government Bailouts Work

Remember when the Phoenix Coyotes were the laughing stock of a league that signed a television contract with a network that specializes in Norwegian Yachting and Iron Chef competitions because ESPN preferred to show classic bowling tournaments? Fast-forward nine months, one bankrupt owner, and the NHL Board of Governors stepping in to run the team, and the Coyotes are the hottest squad in the NHL and battling for first place in the Western Conference. We all know that sports teach us valuable life lessons, so why not consider the possibility that the success of government intervention in pro hockey could translate into billion dollar financial institutions that affect our livelihood? It’s basically the same thing. [CBS]

GoDaddy Follows Google's Lead...No More Registrations in China
GoDaddy has announced it will no longer register domain names in China, in response to new requirements that each registrant be photographed, and their business ID number be submitted. GoDaddy's representative said, "The intent of the procedures appeared, to us, to be based on a desire by the Chinese authorities to exercise increased control over the subject matter of domain name registrations by Chinese nationals." [Washington Post]

Georgia To Outlaw Driving Slow in the Fast Lane

The Georgia legislature just passed a bill making it illegal to drive below the speed limit in the left lane without letting faster cars pass. Slow pokes would receive a $75 fine if caught dosing in the fast lane. If the senate doesn't pass this, we're torching Atlanta (again). Let's hope this sort of law goes into effect across the nation very soon. [Augusta Chronicle]




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