Scientists Would Agree: New Dark Knight Trailer Makes Movie Look Even Greater

July 1, 2008


Domino’s pizza posted a new trailer of The Dark Knight, then pulled a big-time take-back and decided that the only people who would be graced with the good fortune of viewing it must first order a pizza. At this point, however, it's thoroughly viral, so take yourself a good little gander--the trailer is pretty awesome. See it after the jump.


Yes, much of this is composed of footage from past trailers, but the storyline is fleshed out in ways it hasn’t been until now. Batman’s philosophy seems almost more sympathetic to that of the Joker’s, and Harvey Dent is morally opposed to the both of them. In a sense Batman and Joker approach the implementation of public policy in much the same manner—it’s just that they seek to achieve different goals.

Has anyone figured out how many hours of the remaining 384 or so until Dark Knight opens we will spend sleeping? There’s got to be a way to make the 16 and a half days left go a little faster. Maybe someone should hold a Batman live-alike contest. Whoever can become a vigilante in their home town for the longest – while dressing like Batman – wins; extra points if you leap off a building 20 stories or more without dying.

Oh, btw, Kevin Smith wrote a review of the movie on his Myspace blog, and he seems pretty dang pleased with what he saw.

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