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The Top Seven Sure-Fire Workout Tips to Improve Your Sex Life

by girls   March 09, 2010 at 10:00AM  |  Views: 30,657


3. Upper Body Strength

Photo: Art Montes De Oca/Photographer's Choice/Getty Images

It’s a no-brainer that upper body strength is vital when it comes to lovemaking. If you can’t hold yourself up or you tire easily, then you won’t be much of a Lothario. Building muscle also increases the level of testosterone in the body, which drives the male libido. By building upper body strength, not only will you want more sex, you’ll be better at it.

Hollywood trainer Colin Bird says when it comes to building upper body strength, you have to start with the basics. That means the push-up. You can do this exercise anywhere, so there’s no need to go out and get an expensive gym membership. Bird says, “With the push-up, commonsense dictates -- you’re in the missionary position. If you can master the push-up, you’ll have no trouble in the bedroom.” Ideally you want to do at least two sets of as many push-ups as you can, every day.

Greater upper body strength means you can hold yourself up over your partner for a longer period of time and avoid resting your body weight on her. This will obviously make sex more enjoyable for her. It means you can look each other directly in the eyes and be more intimate. It will also give you the stamina to try new positions. To really increase muscle mass, hit the bench press. Start with a low weight. The key, Bird says is not to lift the heaviest weight possible, but instead focus on “precision and balance.” Ideally you want to build to three sets of 12, 10 and 8 increasing the weight with each set.


2. The Core

Photo:Comstock/Getty Images

A strong core is not only essential for a healthy sex life. It’s essential for a healthy life.  A strong and stable core will safeguard against injuries in the bedroom, improves posture and self-confidence (uber important when it comes to sex), will help build your pelvic floor muscles, and will protect and strengthen the lower back.

A strong core is critical when it comes to thrusting in and out of your partner. A weak core will make it difficult to perform. It will affect your stamina and likely result in sloppy, uncoordinated, bumbling thrusts that literally takes the wind out both your sails.

According to Bird, the simplest way to build you core is the ab crunch. If you’re new to ab-crunches, Bird suggests starting with sets of 7 to 12. Hold each crunch for one to two seconds and then repeat. Eventually you want to build up to doing three sets of at least 21 ab-crunches. “The trick is to build and maintain the same rhythm and precision,” says Bird, “and this will translate into the bedroom.” To take it up a notch, Bird suggests the bicycle kick. “If you can do this for a long period of time, you can do anything.”


1. Pelvic Floor Exercises

Photo: Image Source/Getty Images

To help endurance, avoid premature ejaculation, and have stronger erections, guys need to work out their pubococcygeus (PC) muscles or pelvic floor muscles. Not sure what these are? Well, they’re the muscles that control the flow of urine and by strengthening them you can delay ejaculation and make sex last a lot longer.

First off you need to locate these muscles. You can do this the next time you need to pee. As you’re urinating, force yourself to stop peeing. Next, start a daily routine of performing Kegel exercises (and you thought these where just for women). According to Dr. Whitmore, men should “contract the PC muscles, pull them up towards the pelvis, tilt the pelvis in and hold for 5 seconds, then relax for 5 seconds and repeat.” Once you can do this exercise properly, you should perform it 30 times a day. The great thing about this exercise is you can do it anywhere, while in your office, driving, or having lunch...and no one will know.

You can test out your newfound pelvic strength when you’re in the bedroom and feel like you’re about to climax. When you’re about to ejaculate, contract your PC muscles (just like you’ve been practicing). This should delay ejaculation and allow you to continue your marathon sex session.

Also, utilize the pelvis during sex. When you’re in cowgirl positions, shift your pelvis upwards. This will increase the amount of friction your lady receives as she grinds into your pubic bone. Trust us, she'll find this incredibly pleasurable.

Have you learned any tips that have worked out well for you? Leave them in the comments.


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