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The Top Seven Sure-Fire Workout Tips to Improve Your Sex Life

by girls   March 09, 2010 at 10:00AM  |  Views: 30,605

Sex is like a sport. You need to train to make sure your body is in peak condition to ensure you perform at your optimum level.  We recently spoke with two experts about the essential exercises all men must do to heighten arousal, amplify orgasmic function, increase endurance, and ensure a truly satisfying sex life.

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7. Cardio to Improve Stamina

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Physical exercise is an extremely important part of a healthy lifestyle. Just moving each day will improve your sex life.  According to a report, losing as few as 10 pounds can dramatically improve your sex life by freeing up testosterone in the body. So it’s time to lose that Freshman 15 that never went away.

The best and simplest way to improve your sex life is a thorough cardiovascular exercise. According to Dr. Kristene E. Whitmore, the founder/director of the Pelvic and Sexual Health Institute of Philadelphia, cardio will lead to “better endurance, more energy, [and make you] more enthusiastic for sex.”  Running, fast walking, or boxing 30 minutes, three times a week will build a strong heart and improve circulation. Good circulation is very important in warding off erectile dysfunction and will lead to stronger and longer erections. Whatever you do, just make sure that when you’re exercising your heart rate is over 140.

If you're already in shape, use cardio to build up your stamina. There’s no point being in good shape if you can’t go the distance. The best way to increase stamina is to take it up a notch with some high intensity interval training sprints. Hit the treadmill, bike, or elliptical machine and go as fast as you can for 30 to 60 seconds. Then set it to a gentler pace for one to two minutes. Repeat this process six to 10 times and your endurance between the sheets will increase dramatically.


6. Have More Sex

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Dr. Whitmore says one of the best exercises to improve your sex life is, well, sex (could there be a better form of exercise?). Sexual intercourse is beneficial to the body as it increases the heart rate, which burns calories. According to a report, “a 130-pound person can burn about seven calories per five minutes of vigorous sex.” Now if you keep that up for an hour and you’ll burn off 88 calories. How easy is that? You have fun, you’re having sex, and at the same time you’re helping improve you sex life. Plus, the more sex you have, the more sex you’ll want as the act itself will increase your libido and sexual desire. It’s win-win.


5. Yoga for Flexibility

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When it comes to getting it on in the bedroom, flexibility is extremely important. The best way to open up your body and enable you to execute some crazy moves in the bedroom is yoga. Taking a yoga class or doing 30- 60 minutes of simple stretching once or twice a week will have a noticeable effect on your sex life. It will improve your flexibility, get you in touch with your breathing (which is important for controlling orgasm) and give you a good, all-over workout. Yoga is also a great way to defuse stress, one of the main factors that kills sex drive.

For a more sex-focused yoga session, practice poses that strengthen your pelvic muscles, such as Bow Pose, Peacock Pose, and the Shoulder Stand. Not only will yoga make your sex life better, it will inspire you to try some new moves. Many of the poses in yoga are similar to those found in the Kama Sutra, so make yoga part of your sexual homework.


4. Work the Legs and Glutes

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Working the legs and glutes has to be the most underrated workout in the history of exercise. If you have weak or un-proportional legs, it will affect your sex life. Colin Bird, a Hollywood personal trainer, says, “If you don’t have strong legs, you’re not going to have endurance and you will suffer in the bedroom.” Plus he adds, “Women want full balance, which means their guy is not going to focus on one thing.” So don’t be one of those body builders who have chicken legs. Plus, strong legs support the core and greatly increase the number of tricky sex moves you can perform.

Strong legs and glutes are important when your woman is on top (and you thought you could just lie there). Strength and endurance will allow you to raise and lower your pelvis off the bed and will greatly heighten the intensity and enjoyment of sex for her and for you. It will allow you to fully penetrate and provide her with a feeling of deepness. Bird suggests keeping your leg workout routine simple by focusing on calf raises and the leg press. With calf raises, start out doing one to two sets every other day. The leg press should be performed at least once a week, completing three sets of 12, 10 and 8 and increasing the weight with each set. It is essential to go slowly and smoothly, holding each rep for a one- to two-second count.



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