Don't Want a Sunburn? Slam Some Wine

August 9, 2011

We often mock wine for its pretensions, or, rather, the pretensions of the guys who drink the stuff. Always sniffing the glass, always talking about notes, even though science has actually flat-out proved that most of what they're talking about is utter garbage. It's a drink for snobs. Do you see the caddies in "Caddyshack" drinking wine? No? Exactly!

But, apparently, wine has at least one benefit: keeping you from getting a sunburn, provided you drink enough of it.

The science works like this. The grapes used to make wine contain lots of flavonoids. No, that isn't the mascot of some cheese snack, it's a chemical compound that give grapes their color. That purple? Flavonoids.

These go into the wine, which you then drink, which means they go into you. Flavonoids have already been found to have lots of positive effects: they stop allergies, they're anti-microbial, they help stop cancer, keep you from getting cavities, and they even keep you from getting the Hershey squirts, and we really don't want to know how they figured out that last one.

The flavonoids also, apparently, stop the chemical reaction between the sun and your skin that bumps off skin cells. Essentially, reactive oxygen species are triggered by UV rays, and eat your skin. Flavonoids stop that.

The researchers believe this will make for better sunscreen. Personally, we know they just wanted an excuse to slam a bottle a day. We know that's what we'll be doing. Hey, it's healthy!

Photo: Joe Raedle/Getty Images News/Getty Images