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Mantenna - Tuesday, April 27

by spike.com   April 27, 2010 at 9:00PM  |  Views: 87

Joan Rivers rates Heidi Montag’s recent plastic surgery, Bret Michaels is in stable condition, and Tim Tebow's jersey is oddly popular..the Mantenna will live on forever!

Source: Steven Lawton/Getty Images

Joan Rivers Rates Heidi Montag’s Recent Plastic Surgery

In a sure sign that Heidi Montag went too far with her recent bout of plastic surgery, comedian Joan Rivers has given the reality star her blessing. Rivers, who has had her fair share of plastic surgery, including several face lifts, says Montag “should have started sooner.” She then added, "I think she should have started when she was 13." Snap. Joking aside, Rivers was generally positive about Montag’s appearance, but said Heidi "could have done it in stages." Wow, being told off by Rivers for too much plastic surgery so soon has gotta hurt. [Us]

Courtney Love Claims Affair with Gavin Rossdale

Courtney Love has laid claim to an eight-month affair with Gavin Rossdale. That may not otherwise be news, but Love claims it happened after he married Gwen Stefani. The controversial rocker let the secret affair slip on The Howard Stern Radio Show. She told Stern she had a “vision of marrying Gavin Rossdale one time... We were like, 'Let's go spend our rock star money.'” She also says that Rossdale was “good in bed” and that “maybe Gwen taught him, for all I know.” Sounds like someone should stay off the pills. [Huffington Post]

Bret Michaels is in Stable Condition

Photo:Stuart Mostyn/Getty Images

Good news for Poison fans: Bret Michaels is now in stable condition following a rough few days in which the singer was hospitalized with a brain hemorrhage. Michaels remains in the ICU at an undisclosed location under 24-hour observation while doctors continue to search for the source of the cerebral bleed. [US Magazine]

Tim Tebow's Jersey is Oddly Popular

A recent list of the highest-selling NFL rookie jerseys released by CNBC (because the draft is already three days old) shows that the Tim Tebow Denver Broncos jersey is the most popular first-year sweater. Beating out the Dez Bryant Dallas Cowboys garb and Sam Bradford's St. Louis Rams offering, Tebow gear is already sweeping the nation and will be an excellent throwback jersey when he's playing in the CFL three years from now. [CNBC]

Activision Losing the Battle of Hearts and Minds as Infinity Ward Devs Continue Mass Exodus

The bloodletting from Modern Warfare developers Infinity Ward continues at a breakneck pace, with news today that a further eight employees have left the studio in the wake of the legal showdown with parent company Activision. In addition to the five who left on Friday, three more key developers also packed up and left Infinity Ward at the end of last week. Adding to these are five more, all of whom left yesterday, which brings the tally to a staggering 26 employees in total. Looks like IW might've gotten the last laugh in this one, as losing key talent like this does not bode well for Activision-backed future installments in the extremely popular series. [1Up]

Police Seize Computers From Gizmodo Editor

California police have served a search warrant and seized computers from the residence of Jason Chen, the Gizmodo editor who unveiled the fourth-generation iPhone to the world a few weeks back. Gawker Media's COO has replied claiming that the warrant was served illegally due to Mr. Chen's status as a journalist. Apple has had a long history of keeping their unannounced devices closely guarded, with new iPhone prototypes being among the most sought-after. So perhaps it's not entirely surprising that they're really dropping the hammer down on this one. [Gizmodo]

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