Brad Pitt Ages Backwards

June 19, 2008


Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett star in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, a film coming out this December directed by David Fincher. In it Brad Pitt plays a man (Mr. Button) who is born looking like an old man, even as an infant, only to become progressively younger looking as he ages. Possible Oscar contender? Pitt probably hopes as much. Hit the jump to watch the trailer.

The film is based off a short story by F. Scott Fitzgerald with the same name.  Is it possible Pitt is not just making a bid for an Oscar, but also wants to get back to his character-actor roots? If you look back at the roles that initially got him noticed, they weren’t leading man parts.

In Kalifornia he played a psycho; right after that he had the bit part of Floyd in True Romance, in which he played a stoner intruded upon by a bunch of mob thugs. He played the menacing yet ultimately harmless schizophrenic, Jeffrey Goines, in Twelve Monkeys, and after a disastrous turn as a dashing devil in Meet Joe Black he played Edward Norton’s walking, talking alternate personality, Tyler Durden, in Fight Club.


So where does that leave us with Benjamin Button? Seven Years in Tibet meets Snatch? Legends of the Fall with a little bit of Twelve Monkeys? However the cookie crumbles, I’m just glad he’s not doing yet another Ocean’s movie. One more of those would be grounds for throwing both Pitt and Clooney out with the bath water.